Deer Call Catching On
Inside the Outdoors, August 29
, 2014

Most television viewers are familiar with the Duck Dynasty. The gentlemen on this program gained their fame partly because of their ability to make duck calls. Living here within Westmoreland County, not far from Latrobe, is an inventor who has laid claim to his own invention that attracts deer. It’s called Talk the Walk and is distributed by Talk the Walk Complete Deer Calling System.

According to Valentine Wtorkiewicz who assembles his product, “I started manufacturing calls in a spare room in our home about six seasons ago. Out of those, we introduced them to the public three seasons ago. The first year we sent out 50 orders. Last year we sent out over 500,” he said. “We are now going national with a 30 second commercial that will air on the Pursuit Channel this fall.”

So what makes this product better than other products used to attract deer? It imitates the walk of the white-tail as the animal gaits through the woods. That in itself has made it unique unto itself.

The North Huntingdon native first got an idea as he was walking through the woods to hunt from his deer stand. On the way, he studied his footing and decided to change his approach from shuffling the leaves under foot which scared deer away to an approach that would attract them, possibly.

“I started walking to my stand with a toe-to-heal step, snapping the back of my foot down to imitate the sound of a deer walking through the woods. I noticed I started to attract them,” Wtorkiewicz said. He then pursued the idea of making his own deer call.

Using his talents, the Acme resident created what he labeled the Talk the Walk deer call.
If one were to describe it, it looks like a small camouflaged pillow. By grasping it and moving its inner parts a certain way, one can create a ‘snap-release,’ ‘snap-release’ sequence. The sound given off will mimic that of a deer walking through the woods.

“It can be used several different ways,” he said. “In the early part of the season, deer hearing the given off sound of the device may think another deer is nearby and investigate just where the sound’s coming from. The deer may fear another is honing in on its territory. Second, the call can be used in combination with grunt tubes or rattle bags during the rut season to sight call a buck he’s viewed or to blind call to unseen deer by sounding like a buck chasing a doe. In all cases, the extra realism created by the Talk the Walk can mean the difference between drawing in a buck or not,” he said.

Wtorkiewicz has been familiar with the woods as part of the great outdoors. He has studied deer and their habits making it obvious what attracts them and what drives them away.

“Environmental sounds are a huge part of an animals’ world,” he said. Deer don’t float past your deer stand. They don’t float through the woods. From the time they are born, as soon as they hear sounds, they associate it with another deer in its midst.”

Adding, he stated, “That’s what makes my invention very effective. It’s the signature that convinces one deer it’s really hearing another.”

A host of individuals who have used Talk the Walk have not only tried it, but have shared numerous testimonies as to the success of the product.

One hunter told of how using this deer call was effortless on a hunt last year.

“Hunting from a deer stand 20 feet up, I rattled the CDCS call a bit, working it under my arm for added reality. I let out a nice challenge grunt sequence complete with a snort wheeze and waited. Within a minute, I spied a buck sneaking in about 100 yards off on the top of a hill overlooking my oak flat. A small grunt and a couple quick squeezes of the Talk the Walk call and he was on his way, head down and ears pinned. I arrowed it at 12 yards. While the call wasn’t the sole factor in this harvest, it certainly added to it,” he said. The snort grunt and snort wheeze are not products of CDCS.

Others said, “This call helps you add the sounds associated with trailing grunts, deer feeding and bucks fighting…” It was the Talk the Walk call bag that changed the outcome of this hunt.”

And last, “I broke out my CDCS call and the deer responded and started coming to me. I was able to get a clean shot.”

Married, presently he and his wife run the company. They have a five year-old son.

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