Fishing License Displayed?
Inside the Outdoors, August 11,

Before I get started with today’s story, I want to congratulate Latrobe’s Jake Krinock who along with Josh Reischer landed and released a forty-nine and one-half northern pike caught from Wollaston Lake, Canada, August 9th of last year. After a photo was taken of the two men and the fish, they released it back into the waters.


There is a good chance anglers may not have to display their fishing licenses on their person, as has been the case in the past.

According to the Pennsylvania Outdoor News Staff Report, July 21, 2017, at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) meeting, “board members gave preliminary approval to eliminating that rule that say anglers must display licenses while fishing.”

If it passes, this ruling would go into effect beginning with the 2018 license year.

Just because they would not be in view, anglers still have to have possession of them at all times while fishing. In addition, they could always have them pictured on their phone.

Pennsylvania is not the only state to do this in this manner. Other states have followed suit, the article stated.

With technology causing a problem, it will result in the loss of revenue to the PFBC. The effects will be adverse to the Commission. Hatcheries will close and there will be less trout left for stocking purposes.

Judd Michael stated, “The number of fish raised by the agency hasn’t changed in years despite the number of license buying angler decreasing. That’s true not only of trout, but other species,” he said.

It was brought to the table that hunters no longer have to display licenses, so anglers don’t either. But that is false. Until final approval is made, displaying of licesenses is still valid.

What will happen, waterway conservation officers (WCO) will approach all anglers now who don’t have licenses displayed and ask to see their permits. It only stands to reason that will be the outcome.

Just imagine standing in the middle of a stream or being out in a boat and waved to come ashore so licensing can be checked out. That will cut into fishing time, and nobody will be happy about that.

As for yours truly, I do have a cell phone, but won’t download my license. I prefer to wear it on my vest so it will always be in plain view. One might call me a “traditionist,” but that’s what happens sometimes to seniors such as myself!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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