Doe License Updates
Inside the Outdoors, August 9
, 2013

Thanks to technology, hunters can now check to see if the Pennsylvania Game Commission accepted their applications for doe licenses on their computers. In addition, they can also check the latest information on the number of licenses that have been allocated, and how many remain for sale in each wildlife-management unit.

Checked can also be the status of an application. Simply, go to the PGC website, One can also buy licenses on that website by clicking on the blue area marked “Buy a License.” In the Outdoor Shop, there are various options one can choose. Become familiar with all the possibilities that are available and it may serve as a wonderful tool for the future.

When one clicks on the Outdoor Shop, he will have to provide an identification number. Upon completion of that entry, hit “continue” and go from there. Follow the directions and one will eventually see where one can check on the status of an antlerless deer application.

Beginning Aug. 26, county treasurers will accept applications over-the-counter for WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D and may immediately issue antler4 deer licenses. Hunters may apply over-the counter to country treasurers for any other WMU with antler licenses for sale on Oct. 7.


I received a call from the carpmaster who fishes St. Vincent Lake exclusively. Last year, he caught 95 carp from that basin of water, an impressive feat, if you ask me. This year he phoned to express disappointment. “My favorite fish are not hitting at all. I don’t know what’s wrong,” he said.

On the flip side of the coin, he said that anglers are telling him they are tagging some nice bass from that compound. “They are averaging between 20 and 24 inches. Those are nice fish.” He also shared some additional information. “There are some mighty big channel catfish in that lake.” That ought to draw anglers. I know two fellows who travel quite some distance just to catch these fish. Now they don’t have to leave their back yard if they so choose.


Had a nice chat with Steven Tcci who works in The Boathouse at Twin Lakes Park. Anytime I get to talk with a fellow angler, we have much to share and fun doing so.

My main reason for calling was to ascertain information pertaining to paddleboat and rowboat information. I was blown away when I found out how inexpensive it is to rent those boats. I have seen many fellows using this transportation and was curious just how much it cost. He told me the best deal is the 4-hour package that costs $14. This is for both row and paddleboats. One can rent these boats much cheaper by the half-hour as well - $2.50. Next time I go to the lake, I’m going to give it a whirl.

I was fishing with a friend there recently and saw two fellows paddle near where we were standing. There was obvious grass on the surface of the water and one of the anglers threw in a worm-baited hook with a bobber attached and hooked a bass immediately. That aroused my interest in this transportation. Besides, it would be good exercise for this old man. Just for the record, I did catch my first bluegill for the season! Worms seemed to be the bait of most anglers. Made sense, because it rained the day before. I did catch two largemouth in addition – nothing to write home about, but fun to catch. Keep in mind, the lake is getting quite grassy. Top water lures may be an option.


Tip of the Week – If one is fishing a lake or stream and using bait such as worms, natural presentation is the key. Attach it to the hook and then fling a plastic or wooden bobber outward to get the crawler away from the shore depending on what time of the day it is. Evenings, fish come in to feed. Make the hook the weight. Do not attach anything else that will pull it down unless one is fishing from a boat and need to lower the bait into a school or fishing the bottom. The worm will drift naturally, one’s key to presentation. Remember the hook is metal. It will help sink the worm to the desired depth slowly.


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