Eagle Fatalities Increase
Inside the Outdoors, November 10,

Recently two area residents notified me about two new products on the market, both of which they thought might interest my readers.

A couple of weeks ago or so I wrote a story about how sportsmen are using deer urine to attract whitetails for hunting purposes. It was stated that some agencies believe there is a correlation between CWD (Chronic Waste Disease) and the product and that this excrement has triggered the death of these animals.

Don’t ever think about investing in that product again. One local hunter suggested one use EverCalm. All one need to do is spray this solution around an area where deer may be said to roam and when deer arrive there, they will stay put. Then one can pick the deer he chooses and harvest them.

Bob Carr said he got two deer using this product, one a button buck. The Phoenix Rehabilitation facility director gave rave reviews about the product.

“It all started when one man was working in a barn where deer were kept. After shoveling out all the manure and being in the confines of this enclosure for several hours, he went outside and the deer didn’t scatter. They stayed put as if he wasn’t even there. That gave him an idea and the rest is history.”

This merchandise is readily available in sport stores and online.

Long time friend Frank Moff can be counted as one of the inventors of Latrobe and so it is said that he, too, has to be included in the “city of firsts.” A good many years ago, this carpet installer invented the Bobber With A Brain, a unique one of a kind instrument that has tremendous sensitivity enabling one to catch more fish in less time.

Just recently, the seventy-four year-old entrepreneur applied for a patent for a smaller version of the bobber with few parts calling this product Bobber With A Brain Junior. Like the original, it can fish from the bottom up, cast further and will not drift in a thirty miles per-hour wind.

For additional information, contact him at 724-537-8809 after 8 p.m.


From what I’ve read and what I’ve been told, eagles that one time were said to have populated this beautiful state of Pennsylvania, are finding themselves actually dying due to lead that researchers have found in the carcasses of these dead national birds.

The reason – eagles are consuming the entails of animals that were left behind by hunters after cleaning their harvest out in the field. Now, I’m not just talking about those of whitetail deer, but all animals sportsmen leave behind after they gut their kill.

How can one nip this problem in the bud? Manufacturers should invent a non-toxic projectile to use instead of lead, some conservationists have suggested.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’ veterinarian (as written in Pennsylvania Outdoor News, October 27, 2017, in an article titled, “Eagles and Lead; time to think straight, by Ben Moyer),Justin Brown, seventy percent of eagles tested had lead level detections in their system and twenty-seven percent had levels of lead strong enough to impair or kill them.

The problem is pretty clear-cut. Sports-minded youth, men and women have to step up to the plate and be responsible. Without proper concern, the problem will only escalate.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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