FTTU Banquet Huge Success
Inside the Outdoors, March 11
, 2011

Two members of the Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited were honored this year by being awarded two prestigious awards for their service to the organization, Mar. 5, at the 38th annual Banquet and Raffle.

Greensburg Resident C. Russell Mason was presented the Lifetime Service Award for his countless contributions to the organization. Given only once every ten years, “Russ” donated his time faithfully, folding and sending out newsletters to the membership, keeping the chapter up-to-date on activities from the Westmoreland County Sportsman League and reporting on the Marsellus Shale drilling activities from its very beginning to the present date.

Monty Murty, president of FTTU, was handed the Russ Mowry Silver Trout Award for volunteer service to the chapter. As president, the Ligonier resident was honored for his years of dedication to the organization. Presenting him with the award was FTTU Board Member Chuck Kuchta who said that “Murty was at every event throughout the year, worked very hard on the banquets and did everything he could to get grants for the organization throughout the year.”

Russ Mowry was a legendary fly tier from Latrobe, he was president of FTTU and a long time active member. He and Latrobe’s Ken Igo invented the Green Weenie, a popular trout fly that has been in demand across the United State of American for many years now.

Held at Latrobe’s American Legion, 220 men, women and children packed the hall on Ligonier Street to give support to FTTU which has its goals set on conservation, restoration of resources, and education, particularly of youth. All proceeds taken in from the Banquet and Raffle benefit the projects of FTTU.

According the Lyle Farr, treasurer, “This year’s program was a huge success.”


Occasionally, I still receive catalogs addressed to Pee Vee’s from those who think I’m still in business. I will skim through these booklets, looking for new products that might be of interest to readers. I was stopped in my tracks when Erie Dearie Lure/Carlson Tackle mailed me their newest catalog showing their latest products. One of these was Powder Light Sticks.

As an angler who has had past experiences of fishing nights, being able to see what’s happening on one’s line is of the utmost importance.

According to Connie Sanfrey, spokesperson for the organization, “Most people who use a light stick will notice, if it’s a liquid activated stick, it will lose it’s effectiveness over time if they are not store properly. Our new Powder Sticks are not affected by light, humidity or long term storage. They will light up and give off the same amount of light on the day you open them or years down he road and they don’t have to be stored in a particular manner. Our new powder formula last 24 hours plus and it’s so bright that you can even see it in the daylight.”

Available in different sizes, 1.5, 3 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches, the latter two can be strung on one’s line or easily snapped on. They are all priced very reasonably.

If you do not find these in your tackle stores, contact the manufacturer to place your order at 330-393-3600 or email Connie at Connie@eriedearie.com. It may be to your advantage to ask for a catalog and view their other new products. Tell them you read about them in my column.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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