Fun Fishing Days Away
Inside the Outdoors, September 1,

Put a rod and reel in a kid’s hand and bait his hook, and there is no doubt the adrenalin will rise as the minutes go buy. But if one thinks that’s something, wait until a fish latches onto the line and the shrills break the peacefulness of the great outdoors. “I got one. I got one. I got one,” are the six words that usually follow. Why such repetition has always boggled my mind. Is it part of our maturation process that we only state it once? Maybe...

In any case, Labor Day is just around the corner and with it the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) as I touched upon last week is offering two special fishing opportunities to entice adults and kids to fish on Labor Day, Sept. 4. As Steve Kralik, Director of Outreach, Education and Marketing explained, “The first is a one dollar license for adult residents and non-residents. The license - good for Labor Day only – provides and easy and affordable for everyone to enjoy a special day with family and friends while fishing on the Commonwealth waters.”

This is a great opportunity for first time fishers of all ages to try their hang at angling if they have never done it before.

Kralik also brought to the table the second opportunity. “The Mentored Youth Panfish Day provides youth anglers who have obtained a free mentored youth permit or have purchased a voluntary youth license an opportunity to fish on nineteen Panfish Enhancement lakes across the state of Pennsylvania.

For all intended purposed I will only highlight those selected in Westmoreland County as being Bridgeport Reservoir, Indian Lake, Upper and Lower Twin Lakes and Northmoreland Lake.

According to the PFBC, “The Panfish Enhancement lake were chosen as mentored youth fishing opportunities because the waters are managed to increase the number and size of fish.”

Panfish includes bluegill, pumpkinseed and redear sunfish, which are collectively called sunfish, black and white crappies, and yellow perch.

Kralik stated, “Kids should catch a lot of sunfish, crappies and perch, which makes the day fun.” To top it off, that adrenalin I spoke of originally should spark the minds of both youth and adults concerning the fact that minimum size limits will be lifted for kids and their mentors on this day. How cool is that?

The PFBC rep added that fishing is an all year around sport and doesn’t end after trout or bass season.

“We want to show families where they can go to fish and how easy it can be to fit fishing into their schedules,” he said.

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