Fishing Report - Good
Inside the Outdoors, May 3
, 2013

As reports come into my office, all signs seem to lead to one thing – trout season this spring is encouraging to the point that no matter where one goes, anglers are doing well, catch and keeping or catching and releasing rainbow, brook and brown trout. To the enthusiast that is a good sign.

Much of what has been heard or seen has come from the lower Loyalhanna Creek, where fishermen are getting 12-inch rainbows in the vacinity of Paddy’s hole between Avenue D and E.

Farther down one angler would not disclose his spot but stated he caught some sizeable trout, one brown, 15-inches. All were tagged on a white rooster tail with a copper spinner.

The baits used to catch trout at Paddy’s included spinners and nightcrawlers.

Happened to be talking to John Dressler at Red’s Bait Shop in Acme recently. He said a lot of guys are catching fish. That’s always something positive to hear. I asked about size. “A few of them were some really nice rainbows,” he said.

I see that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is planning to stock the lakes and creek next week. Since none of these bodies of water are fished out, that means there will be ample amount of fish to catch and release. I use that term, because I want anglers to get into the habit of returning fish to the water as long as they are not injured from the hooks too seriously.

Using barbless hooks has been a real blessing for yours truly. It makes fishing a lot more fun, in as much as I can slide the hooks out of the fishes mouth with ease, and also return it quickly so that it doesn’t present as much hardship to the fish. If it becomes too stressed, there’s a good chance the fish may die. As good sportsmen and women, let aim toward conservation and preservation and not always killing everything we catch, especially trout.

Pertaining to stocking, the first of these is Lower Twin Lakes. The hatchery trucks will be arriving on the seventh of that month; Mammoth Lake, the eighth; Northmoreland and Keystone State Park Lakes, the 10th; Donegal, the 11th; and Loyalhanna Creek from State Route Bridge 2045 all the way down to Monastery Run, May 13th.

If one hasn’t purchased his license yet, this is the time to do it. Don’t put it off too long. Fishing is great for trout in these cooler temperatures. Once it gets warmer, one will see a fading off of these fish, as they will be seeking cooler temperature waters and deeper holes to keep cooler. Remember, they are a cold water fish. They need that colder temperature to survive. The state has put some nice fish in these waters. Now is the time to take advantage of some great fishing!


I heard tell of a bear that kept getting into a dumpster. The Pennsylvania Game Commission was able to trap and transport the animal away from the scene. But imagine this. It found its way back and went about it business again at the same location, becoming a nuisance again.

Hearing about this matter, I contacted Tom Fazi, information and education supervisor of the Pennsylvania Game Commission as well as Ligonier resident Don Madl, PGC executive director retiree, both of whom are good friends of mine.

Both concurred that a mature bear has to be transported a good number of miles away from the scene where it was captured or it will readily return.

“One may have to transport a mature bear at least 150 miles away to prevent its return,” stated Fazi. “I have already taken bears as far away as Elk County in hopes that they won’t return. But even then, there’s no certainty,” he said.

The writing is on the wall to resident owners. Please secure one’s garbage and remove all temptations that may keep such an animal on one’s premises or somewhere on one’s property particularly at night. They have to eat just like us. If someone leaves food within easy reach, bears will try for it. Best thing to do? Don’t just put a lid on it. Make garbage less accessible or maybe padlock the dumpsters so when bears try to get inside of them, they will become frustrated to the point of not returning. Have to start someplace. Why not start with this plan.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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