Ice Fishing Warmth
Inside the Outdoors, February 17,

Chris Fassnacht, organizer for the 32nd Annual Outdoor Sport and Travel Show emailed me recently to state that he was able to engage one more speaker for this year’s extravaganza today, Feb. 17, tomorrow, Feb. 18, and Sunday, Feb. 19.

Captain Vince Pierleoni will educate his audience concerning devices used for trolling for salmon and walleye at 3 p.m., 12:15 tomorrow, and 12 p.m. noon, Sunday.

A full time professional captain and tournament fisherman with thirty-two years experience, he operates THRILLSEEKER Sportfishing Charters out of Olcott Harbor, New York, on Lake Ontario, from spring to fall, and on the Niagara River in winter.

Pierleoni has won fourteen tournaments, nine overall lake championships, with numerous more accomplishments under his belt.

“Captain Vince” has served on the New York State “Fisheries Congress” in the past and is currently serving on the Niagara County fishery advisory board and the Lake Ontario Bi-national Council.

Pierleoni is a Pro staffer for Cannon downriggers, Humminbird Electronics, Fish Hawk, Dreamweaver Tackle, ATOMMIK, Shark weights, OKUMA and Slide divers.

The 32nd Allegheny Outdoor Sport and Travel Show, sponsored by Straub Brewery, is being held at the Monroeville Convention Center, today through Sunday. There is definitely something for everyone including the Pittsburgh Pirate Parrot at 2 p.m. Saturday.

For additional information, call 1.800.600.0307 or log onto


What’s the difference between sitting still in a bleacher seat and watching the Steelers play one of their many opponents to sitting atop a five gallon plastic bucket looking down a small hole ice fishing in the middle of winter? Actually none at all.

One is to going to shiver and shake if he or she doesn’t have the right gear and clothing to accommodate each.

I’ve sat bundled up in both cases and realized I should have educated myself a little better.

From the website, Tom Gruenwald Outdoors, he brought out pointers.

When ice fishing, sit behind a windbreak with the sun in front of you. Next, layer your clothing. Third, don’t forget those hand warmers. They can be used for feet, as well. Always bring a hand towel after having your hands in the water. Don’t stay out any longer than three or four hours initially.

In-Fisherman suggests wear thin mittens with chemical hand warmers into the hand wear. The website suggests chemical toe warmers in alpaca footwear.

Do a little research before going out on the ice.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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