Creative Inventions Lure Anglers
Inside the Outdoors, March 13
, 2015

One thing that I have learned after writing this column for the many years I’ve done so is the fact that anglers don’t mind spending time reading, assembling lures or tying flies previous to going to the waters, but when they hit the wet stuff, it’s all play and no work.

When Latrobe’s Frank Moff first introduced the BobberWithABrain, I took one look at it as did many other fishermen and decided it wasn’t anything to toy with on the shore. One must understand its employment, how to string it up and attach the rigs. Read the instructions, tie the bobber onto the rods at home and then head to the waters. The truth of the matter is that there isn’t another unique bobber made like this one that sets upright on the water detecting the activities under the surfaces.

But many of the people who were given this fine product when it was first manufactured never went to the trouble to read the simple instructions on how to put it together or even use it. They were handed a piece of gold, yet skipped it across the water rather than using it to their advantage.

Recently while eyeing the booths at the Allegheny Sport, Travel and Outdoor Show at the Monroeville Expo Mart did I chance upon a number of items displayed on a table under a banner that read, Copeland’s Creative Tackle. Being the inquisitive person I’ve always been, I decided to take a closer look at what the entrepreneur was promoting. There was not one but a number of products that caught my eye that ‘lured’ me in and ‘got me hooked.’

Sorry for the puns, but I think anyone who loves to fish would have expressed their attentiveness in equal fashion.

Each invention was like no other, carefully thought through and designed for ease ability. After taking several home, I read the accompanied instructions and found all easy to use.

BOB-EYE was Copeland’s first invention. It took him 13 years to perfect. The time he put into it was well worth it. Nothing could be simpler than to use. Reading the instructions first, I then removed it from packaging and then applied it to rod. My recommendation is to try it at home first. Then use it while fishing. You won’t only just like it. Take it from me, you’ll love it! Women around here may state that “It’s sweet!” Others will describe that “It’s cute” because of its design, but most important are the joyful outbursts that Copeland loves to hear, “This is really neat!”

It’s a matter of clothes pinning the unit onto the rod, sliding the line through black, U-shaped plastic located at the bottom and presto, one is set. One can even magnetically attach a little bell on top to alert the angler’s attention.

Next, Copeland invented the Quick Stand Ultimate Rod Holder. Again, read the instructions at home. Understand that if there are any adjustments to be made, they can be done simply by procuring a couple of extra washers that may be needed. Loosen the nut where indicated, insert washer(s) and screw on nut. How hard is that? Follow the rest of the instructions and one is good to go. Again, it’s that simple.

Copeland stated, “Quick Stand, which took me about two year to perfect, has a built-on strike indicator therefore denotes a fish strike. The fishing line is pulled back and placed under the clip allowing a quick release of the line with a strike. The special design of the rod handle allows one to easily remove the rod from the stand quickly and easily with every catch,” he stated.

Snapper is another one his inventions. Perfected in about a month, it is “an easy snap on, snap off line hanger with magnetic attachable weights for a heavier or lighter fish strike or heavy current. It is equipped with a heavier tie that attaches to the rod for easy placement”, the Oakmont resident said.

The former Wilkinsburg resident has additional ingenuous strike indicators he’s added to his line.

For example, Copeland’s Strike-on! Strike-on! is one equipped with a bell for ring alert that magnetically attaches to another magnetic tie for rod placement. Copeland emphasized, “There is NO need to remove Strike on! to recast!” It took him just a few weeks to come up with this invention. The Rod Rattler, also equipped with a bell, has been labeled Best Lightweight Indicator on the market!

Both Copeland and his son, Shane, reside in my former hometown. To see photos of his inventions, order or get additional information, log onto or call him at 412-860-2424.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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