Licenses Sold Out!
Inside the Outdoors, August 4,

If you think of going hunting this fall and you yet haven’t purchased your license, you are out of luck. All permits in the 2C area, all 31,000 of the antlerless licenses have gone to customers who applied earlier in the year. The other 24,000 licenses that are also sold out were in the northwestern part of the state, Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 2F.

All the other WMUs have a good many licenses left.

By law, all first-time hunters and trappers, regardless of age, must successfully complete Hunter-Trapper Education Training before they can buy a Pennsylvania hunting or trapper license.

A training certificate, which is recognized throughout North America, is awarded when one passes a test at the end of a course. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children. The training is designed to produce safe, responsible, knowledgeable participants. The results of this program are remarkable. Since 1959, hunting related incidents have declined drastically, stated the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Hunting is safe and getting safer, thanks to hunter education.

The complete training course is entirely online. This option is available only to students sixteen years of age and older. It can be taken on any device, including smart phones, tablets and computers.

Simply complete the online course, print the temporary Pennsylvania online course, print out the hunter education certificate (the permanent one will be delivered by mail), buy one’s license where licenses are left and hit the field.

Sign up at Pennsylvania (, study for free, and pay only after one passes the final exam. There are videos that complement both the in-class and online training options.


One may recall my telling of an incident whereby a little girl found an opossum in her basement and alerted her parents. She thought the wild animal was cute and wanted to keep it. Her parents advised against that and the trio went back upstairs. Upon one of the parents descending at a later time, the animal was gone.

Guess what? I discovered a small opossum in our children’s playhouse. Under the advisement of the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC), we put bowls of household ammonia in the proximity of the critter. The next day, I noticed half the liquid had disappeared in one bowl, allegedly consumed.

I decided to carefully remove a tarp where I thought it might be hiding.
I unveiled it and exposed the thing to my being. At first it wasn’t happy about the whole thing but settled down after my talking to it. I noticed its back hair stood straight up. I decided to pet it with end of my walking stick. The hair went down, but the opossum got up and disappeared under the flooring of the structure.

We decided to purchase a Haveaheart trap to catch it and release it. I checked the trap the next morning. Nothing. A representative from the PGC stated consumption of ammonia would kill the animal. I am just hoping it didn’t die under the shed.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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