Line Change Important
Inside the Outdoors, May 24
, 2013

Many of you who will be getting ready for bass season very soon may be purchasing rod and reel combos. If you are one of those persons, the following is a very important message to observe. Most, if not all reels, come with line already on them. Do you know how long that line has been on that reel? Do you know the pound value? Will it be adequate to catch the fish you desire?

I have a feeling, the first two you have no clue. The third question will probably result in a definite “Yes.” You may be right to a certain extent. But, I still wouldn’t recommend it. The answer plays into the other two questions.

Let’s consider the first – the length of the time the line has been put on the reel. You really don’t know, do you? I wouldn’t either. Unless you know the month and year the rod and reel was made in China you have no idea and neither do I.

The reason I am even bringing this issue to light is the fact that line that has been on a reel for an extended period of time will take on memory. What I mean by that is when it is uncoiled from the real it pulls out in loop d’ loop fashion. When retrieved a lot of the time, it may tangle in the spool of the reel and present a lot of problems, one of what we anglers call “birdnesting.” Even when line is newer and has been on a reel for a relative short time and develops memory, one may find the same thing happening.

As for pound test, most manufacturers will put a line on the reel that is too strong for what is needed. Most people will not catch fish, on the average, at least around here, weighing 20 pounds or more. My carp master expert told me he uses eight and catches huge fish. So why go with a much heavier line. It is my opinion, manufacturers will use a heavy pound test so that they fill the spools fuller which gives the appearance that there is plenty of line when all is said and done, there isn’t as much as meets the eye. There may be six times more if the spool had 4 to 6-pound test line instead.

I have pulled in some mighty feisty fish on 4 or 6-pound line. A matter of fact, most the time I go with either depending on the bait I use and where I am fishing. The Loyalhanna Creek has some big everything in it – catfish, carp, trout, musky, pike, etc., but my chances for catching them are “minnowmized,” because I use such small baits to try to catch certain fish. Most the time, 4-pound test does me fine. I would love to catch a 4-pound anything. Gee, I think that would be my biggest haul ever.

What I usually use for bass season is 6-pound test, only because having two rods, I can use one for one type of bait, and another for another. A lot of pros may have six or seven rods and keep different lines and baits on each of the combos so they don’t have to waste time stringing, cutting and tying, which takes an unbelievable amount of time. Just for the record, I change my line twice doing the summer because of use and water conditions that may deteriorate its properties. This way it will not break and has the quality I’m seeking.                                                      ~

News Bulletin! Just heard from Dan McMaster, owner of Ligonier Outfitters and Newsstand who stated that with the sale of over 100 pins, over 200 trout were stocked in the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures area in Ligonier. This area is found on the Loyalhanna Creek from Route 711, 1.5 miles downstream to SR 2045 bridge.

The sale of pins resulted from complaints that there were not enough fish to be caught in the project and that anglers wanted the thrill of catching more trout. So, between Forbes Trail Chapter Trout Unlimited’s Don Kowatch and Dan McMasters, an idea was put into play to raise monies to buy trout to be stocked in the compound so anglers may enjoy their sport without going home feeling distraught that their trip to the Ligonier Valley was fruitless.

As pins continue to be sold, there is a good possibility that more trout will be dumped into the creek at a future date. If you are one of those anglers who have not contributed as yet, this is your chance to make way to 127 W. Main St., near the Diamond and support the cause.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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