PFBC’s 'Line Drive'
Inside the Outdoors, March 30
, 2012

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission have joined forces to give opportunity to those wanting box seats at PNC Park for an unbelievable deal.

This is how it works. During the baseball season, anglers with a 2012 fishing license are eligible to purchase discounted outfield box tickets and receive a free, custom, limited-edition ball cap with each PNC Park game ticket. The offer is good on any day of baseball, with the exception of opening day and Saturday games.

According to the PFBC, “The promotional offer is good for advance ticket purchases only. Visit the Pirates web sit at for a seating chart. Fans can complete an order form on the PFBC website and mail it to the Pirates office or fax it to 412.325.4410. Phone orders cannot be accepted. The online form (with more details) can be found at”


Winter definitely was bizarre. Warm weather has always been to my liking. But what may be a “cup of tea” to me may be anything but that as far as nature goes.

All the warm weather throughout the winter has had an adverse effect upon breeding, egg laying and the temperatures of waters particularly in the streams coming down from the mountains.

In talking to Rich Rohrbaugh recently, I was alarmed to learn that these temperatures that have made me feel so much healthier, are tricking wildlife into thinking it’s time to get the show on the road, so to speak, and start making their appearances way too soon before they should.

I know, from personal experience, I have seen flies on my windows, buds on the trees and even daffodils appearing way before they should have made their presence known.

According to the owner of The Angler’s Room on St. Rt. 217, “People fishing for trout ought get their angling done before the end of May, or they may not catch any of these fish.”

When asked how he came to that conclusion, he said, “The waters coming down from the mountains will be warmer, and trout need cooler waters. They will probably be seeking out cooler waters, possibly in feeder streams,” he said. When asked if there was another alternative, the entrepreneur said the “the stocked fish would probably die in as much as they don’t know what to do. They need cooler waters.”

When it comes to bugs, the fly fishing shop retailer said, “I have seen little stoneflies on my screen door for some time now.”

Then recently, I overhead on a news report on the television that because of the onset of warmer temperatures there will be an abundance of rabbits, squirrels and other small game this year.

Last week, I published a story about the sighting of a snowy owl. They usually don’t stick around. The abundance of food must be keeping them here.

Rohrbaugh said he said a red-tailed hawk flying next to another such bird carrying a snake in its mouth. When asked as to what type of snake, we both chuckled when he commented, “I couldn’t make out the markings from that far away.”

In all seriousness, the warmer weather this time of the year may a great feeling to us as far as the warmth goes, but we who love the great outdoors should be greatly concerned.


One last tidbit. I’m proud to live in a town where big industry thrives, particularly my neighbors south of my residence at 1544 Ligonier St. I mention them because we have among the giants, individuals who have done well with their products not only when they first went on the market, but continue to sell world-wide. When Forbes Trail Trout Unlimited had its awardees mentioned, in particular, Ken Igo and the late Russ Mowry with their Green Weenie, I again felt proud. But with opening day trout season upon us soon, it can’t go unnoticed, Latrobe’s Frank Moff’s Bobber With a Brain is selling all over the globe at this very minute. I bought five of them from Loyalhanna Fishing Post last year. Any one fishing this year should consider getting one to up his successfulness.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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