Masterful Invention
Inside the Outdoors Apr. 10, 2009

Back yonder when my pride and joy was my boat, I became known as one of those die-fishermen who fought every idea that one could present of getting off the lake and heading back home.

There was one reoccurring, existing problem that always led to my demise – not being able to light my 14-footer so other vessels wouldn’t smack my prize possession while I was trolling for trout.

I remember one fellow with whom I fished who had four lanterns, one on each corner, so to speak. He had rigged special hangers overhanging the front and the back of his boat.

Of consequence, fish would be drawn to the light, and catching the underwater inhabitants were relatively easy.

But, not in my boat. I had a much tougher time mounting lanterns on my floatation device.

Low and behold, two years after selling my fiberglass two-seater, I read in the January 2009, FTR, Fishing Tackle Retailer magazine, that a Butler High School graduate, Steve Bronchak, has invented The Ultimate Lantern Holder, a unit which can be mounted to boats, tailgates, docks and even pins to the ground.

In talking to Bronchak, he told me it was designed “to safely and securely mount all 16.4 ounce camping accessories.” He also pointed out, “Lantern, heaters and cooking burners are great products, but let’s face it, they get knocked over, the wind blows them over, they fall over, or the surface one places them on isn’t level. I’ve kicked a level spot on the ground and even stacked rocks to help level these products.” It was a no-goer. Now with his new product, sportsmen will not be befuddled when problems such as these confront them.

In addition Bronchak has built a special component onto the unit. “The anodized shield,” he explained, “intensifies the light and eliminates glare and still offers rear light control when the lantern is in place. When using the heater or the cooking burner, the shield helps to block the wind.”

He went on to tell me, “I’ve had hunters use camouflage paint on the holders and place them in the tree stands for the use of a heater. In addition, when pinned in the ground, the unit offers its own leveling capability and the shield also lays back for a work station for one’s cooking utensils.”

Bronchak went on to emphasize, “Once one places the mounting plate on one’s boat or a truck tailgate, for example, “one will never need any tools to covert this unit, and all parts will always be attached.”

One thing that I found is music to my ears, so to speak, is that The Ultimate Lantern Holder folds for compact storage. Since it is rust-resistant, all one needs to do is add a drop of oil on all movable parts every so often insuring that the unit will last for years to come.

The question may surface, “Since this is a reasonably new product, has it been field tested to back the claims Bronchak has made?” The answer is “Yes- definitely.”

“We recently participated in the North American Fisherman Field Test Program. Eighty Ultimate Lantern Holders were distributed to sportsmen across the United States for trail purposes. The product received a 100% recommendation,” he disclosed. The information was made public in its tabloid, North American Fisherman, issues December 2008 and January 2009.

At the present time, Bronchak revealed the Holders retail at $59.95 plus shipping. If you order it over the Internet and mention this column he told me, you may purchase it for $49.95 plus shipping. Each unit will come with a DVD. Orders may be sent to Multi-Mount, Innovations LLC, 1256 Milum Dr. #29, Moore Haven, FL, 33471. One is invited to visit his website at or for more information call toll free – 866-897-8462. By the way, Steve said he is interested in having retailers contact him.

So, even though I no longer have my boat doesn’t mean I don’t fish anymore. I’m still hooked into the sport. It is almost a sure bet I’ll probably order one of these to mount on a friend’s boat who has found that he, too, can’t stay out as long as he wants because – I bet you can guess – up to this time period, he never could figure out how to secure a lantern. Now he has no excuses.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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