Muskies Inhabit Waters
Inside the Outdoors, August 18,

Often when I attend the Latrobe Farmer’s Market, someone will come up to me and state his or her experience of catching a larger than normal fish than he or she have ever caught in the past. It’s as though either has sucked up all kinds of energy to tell someone, and I am the chosen to hear the news.

Such was the case when Latrobe resident Steve Gordon passed on the fact that he was fishing with a friend at Acme Dam when he happened to hook into a twenty-inch Largemouth Bass.

“That was a large fish,” he exclaimed. And knowing how excited this experienced fisher becomes when he feels the line tug on his rod, I have no doubt he was feeling his adrenalin peek when he reeled it in.

It reminded me of when I caught the same-sized fish including the same species at the fishing competition at the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center last September. The only difference was that Gordon used live bait and I an artificial lure.

Recently at the Market, a gentleman came over to my booth, leaned in and asked, “Aren’t you Mr. Pee Vee?” to which I answered in the affirmative. Then he sprang another question to me that I had to ponder. “Aren’t you the expert here in Latrobe who knows everything about fishing?”

I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those guys who is full of pride to the point that I would ever shout out, “Of course.” I may have told him, “Well, I do know quite a lot about the subject,” and let it go at that.

Not too long ago a visitor shared with me the fact that there are two muskies living in one of the deep holes around Murphy’s Bridge. There are those who don’t believe that statement, that fish that size just don’t habitat these local waters. I’ve known it for years as told to me by others. So it doesn’t surprise me about those two monster fish setting up house in one of the popular fishing holes.

But what I didn’t expect as I strolled on the walking path near the High Rises near a sign stating “Take Your Boat Out Here” was six to eight silver fish jumping out of the water in front of a “V” formation creating a small wave movement behind them.

I told my story to a fellow at the Market last week. Backing me up, he stated, “We have a Muskie in our midst.” To see this fish in motion was definitely a sight to behold. I have only to confirm the facts that these elongated-headed fish are indeed living at all the locations from Ligonier down past the brewery.

To me that proves the greatness of Loyalhanna Creek!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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