New Hunting Equipment for 2015
Inside the Outdoors, September18,

Anyone who knows me by now is aware that I am neither a hunter or don’t really have any interest in pursuing the sport. If it wasn’t for the fact that Solty's Bait Shop burnt down many years ago, I may not have gained the opportunity I fell into of opening a fishing lure and tackle store and pursuing my interests in that sport. As the saying goes, “One never knows what’s around the corner,” and that certainly fit my set of circumstances back in the early 90’s.

Recently, I received my July/August 2015 Ducks Unlimited (DU) magazine to which I subscribe mainly because of my wildlife interests in conservation, preservation and education of the general public concerning our protection of the environment.

Two weeks ago or so, I had talked to Mark Boerio at the Army and Navy Store and Indoor Pistol Range here in Latrobe who had informed me that now is the time to buy equipment for anyone thinking of gearing up for the season. I was looking to buy some walkie-talkies for communication for our home, believe it or not, and wanted to shop local, so I called him. He told me he had everything but what I was looking for, but “products were beginning to trickle in on a daily basis.” So, if all works out to my specifications, I will get my gear there.

In reference to the DU articles, there was one subtitle that stated in the magazine, “Check Out This Year’s Selection of the Latest Shotguns, Ammo, and Gear…”

There were four guns that the magazine featured, the Remington V3 autoloader, the Browning Micro Midas 20, the Benelli 828U and the Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico autoloader.

According to writers Ron Spomer and Chris Jennings, “Remington expanded its shotgun line this year with the release of the brand-new Field Sport autoloader. Available in a 12-gauge waterfowling model chambered for 3-inch shells, the seven and one-quarter V3 incorporates the best components of the Versa Max gas cycling system and offers a few innovations. Chief among them are the two springs housed in the action, which simplifies maintenance by eliminating the long, grit-collecting recoil spring common to many autoloaders,” they said.

“Browning’s Micro Midas 20,” either stated, “is a new line of shotguns for youth and other small-framed shooters. Though scaled down for smaller shooters, the gun offers the same quality as other Cyenergy models, including matte-blued barrels, an engraved silver nitrated-finished receiver, Invector-Plus choke tubes, an Inflex Technology recoil pad, and a reverse Striker mechanical trigger.”

Next we have the 828U Over/Under double gun by Benelli. It’s the company’s first one of its kind that it has manufactured. It is an innovative departure from the conventional double shotguns. Quoting from the authors, “Its lightweight aluminum receiver features a free-floating steel plate that slides forward to completely seal both chambers when you close the gun, directing recoil away from the receiver and hinge, and preventing the kind of wear and tear that can loosen the joint. Another innovation can be found in the gun’s top lever which not only opens the action but also resets the trigger,” it was stated.

And last concerning these powerful rifles is the Beretta A400 Xtreme autoloader. Said to have a handsome new finish, this weapon is built to withstand the elements and ward off rust and corrosion.

Here again, according to the writers, “The A400 Xtreme controls felt recoil via two Kick-Off hydraulic dampeners built into the stock. Kick-Off Mega, a third hydraulic reducer, is designed to minimize muzzle rise. A Micro-Core shock-absorbing recoil pad dampens the remaining recoil, which is already diminished by the gun’s gas-operated autoloading system. A400 Xtreme 12-gauge guns are chambered for three and one half-inch shotshells and are available with 26 -, 28 -, or 30-inch barrels,” they revealed.

In discussing the ammunition to go with some of the guns mentioned, Winchester Blind Side AA Shotgun Shell is one of its celebrated products for this, their 50th year anniversary. It is said to be “the most successful and emulated target shell in the history of shotgunning.”

Hevi-Shot offers a broad selection of waterfowl loads which are perfect for hunting geese or teal. Last year, Hevi added affordably priced Hevi-Steel to its roster. The 12-gauge, two and three-quarter-inch shells are available in 1S, 2S and 3S, and the 12 gauge three-inch shells come with BBBs, BBs, 1S, 2S, 3S and 4S.

Remington’s HyperSonic Steel Rio Bismuth is a good match for classic guns. The ammo is for waterfowlers who enjoy shooting classic doubles and repeaters that can’t handle steel.

Finally, the authors stated that Bismuth has a .410 shotgun shell with a bismuth cartridge that contains high quality steel loads at a good price.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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