New Products Highlight
Inside the Outdoors, January
06, 2011

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, I am simply amazed with manufacturers inventing and distributing new products for the fishing industry that never have been on the market before.

I talked to a representative of a wholesale dealer where I used to buy my goods for my store, and he told me, “Even though there will be new products coming out for 2011, there are still many fine products from years past that we have available for the angler.”

I can certainly agree with him.

Recently, I received the December 2010 issue of Fishing Tackle Retail highlighting some of the new products for 2011. I am never disappointed with the news this magazine has to offer. For instance, Plano has come out with yet a whole array of new tackle boxes.

Now, anyone who fishes or has fished in the past, is familiar with that name. We have all had these products. But to think there are new and better devices to contain fishing lures and tackle, overwhelms me, to say the least. The question that remains in my mind is, why weren’t these products available when I was in business. They are fantastic!

Many of the boxes now have double action cam latches which allows one to open and close them with “ease-ability.” The new Angled Tackle System is unique in nature, loaded with nine utility boxes, huge bulk storage, has an expandable back pocket and so much more with a revolutionary 15 degree angled presentation for lightning fast retrieval.

Its sister, the Extreme Angle “R” System, has extraordinary features as well. One can pull anyone of the seven waterproof utility boxes out of the case with quicker access. Even the FTO Elite organizers can be customized by using the interchangeable inserts making it easier for lure storage.

One of the new products I spotted in the magazine was the Trianglesport SC125 line winder. Believe me folks, need I tell you, I learned very quickly that this product is essential making changeovers from old to new line. When I went out of business, a number of people asked, “How much do you want for that machine?” They knew its value. For quite some time, I never saw any manufacturer promote such a device. Then this year, this company decided to promote its product. I’d grab it even though I’m no longer a retailer. The ease of doing something oneself and fast seems to be the stream of action nowadays.

And it would foolish not to mention a certain type of technology that has taken over this decade – electronics. It’s hard for me to fathom such intricate structured mechanisms. There were several companies mentioned, including Cannon, Humminbird, MarCum and Lowrance.

Here was the description of one unit – “The VX-1Pro Flasher is said to be a portable, value-priced color flasher depthfinder that come with a 12-volt, 9 amp rechargeable battery and deluxe padded “Softpack” case. Features include an interference rejection system, 1,000 watts of output power and bottom-lock zoom. For me, I think I would have to have it explained in layman’s terms what the system is all about, not to mention the lock-zoom. I know there are anglers out there who have no trouble understanding technical talk. I’m just not one of them.

Of all the depthfinders that I viewed, the new one I found easiest to understand was the X-4 Series, made by Lowrance. It’s clear picture screen spells out depth, temperature and displays where the fishing may be suspending – my type of device.

Finally, EarthSmart has come out with products that will hopefully be substituted by the public for Styrofoam.

Bait, in the past, has always been packed in plastic, or the above-mentioned product. There are many problems with Styrofoam. I have known anglers to leave this packaging along shorelines upon departing from waterways. Such disrespect for the environment is inexcusable. But people not only leave bait containers, but plastic plates and eating utensils as well.

EarthSmart has developed containers and meal kits that are “compostable.” Let’s seek out these types of products for future use. Here’s another idea. If you see Styrofoam or plastic bottles lying around, bag them and dispose of them properly. You will be doing your part to improve the quality of your surroundings.

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- Paul J. Volkmann
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