New Products Highlight 2014
Inside the Outdoors, December 13
, 2013

When Northland Fishing Tackle out of Bemidji, MN, announced that they had new lures for 2014, one may have just shrugged his shoulders and let it be. But when Tony Roach, designer and staff pro held up a huge fish he had caught with his new UV Buck-Shot Spoon, he made a believer out of many anglers.

“And what makes it better than seeing a picture?” one may state. Buying the product and using it!

According to Roach, “Cold water spooning just got hotter by incorporating highly visible, UV-enhanced, optically-brightened finishes into the UV Buck-Shot Spoon. Combined with the ticking, thumping and clicking attraction of this lure’s brass rattle, the colors, visibility and action of this spoon help me put more crappies, walleyes and perch on the ice.”

They are available in three sizes – one sixteenth, one eighth and one quarter ounces.

He stated that his six brilliant patterns will turn “sighters” into biters,” an old concept put into action for sure.

If you think that’s the only lure Northland’s come out with for 2014, I suggest you get their catalog via . You just may be overwhelmed with what’s available just as I was.

I was amazed when I browsed through their the pages of this reference book only to see just about anything an angler may need or use on an outing in the great outdoors. I counted well over 20-some products that could be fished through the ice to “tease and torment bluegill” or “true-to-life” plastics that will entice fish to bite.

Just to give you an example. There are the Banana Bug, Doodle Bug, Glider Spoon, Macho Minnow, Scug Bug, Rigged Tadpole not to mention the Impulse Perch Head, Minnow Head, Hellgrammite, Ringworm, all of the last four scented with an enticer that will make fish gobble them up. I haven’t used spoons for quite some time, but feel led to invest in this company’s products just to accept the challenge of seeing what I can catch.

One thing that really excited me about Northland is that on the side of its packaging it states right off the bat what fish the lure is designed to catch. How easy is that, now tell me. Since we live in trout country, finding out what works for these fish can be seen displayed by the lettering, “trout” spelled out in black against the yellow background. That is certainly a help and will assist the consumers quickly pick out something without the fiddle-faddle of experimentation. How great is that?

Examining some of the other new products, a number of companies have switched over to using tungsten instead of lead. I have already seen it in two catalogs Northland and Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle.

Lindy has come out with an Ice Toad. According to Lawrence Taylor, “This new material is more reactive and tough.”

In talking about his new product, he stated, “The Lindy Toad is popular with ice fishermen for several reasons. It hangs horizontal in the water for realism and to keep the hook at the correct position for a quick hookset. It features a flat top that’s easy for electronics to pick up. And the weight-forward design makes it an ideal bottom pounder.” It is available in #14, #12 and #10 in 10 different color patterns.

Lindy also has come out with a Lindy 360 Jig that has people talking. “This jig features a body that spins on an internal axle,” says Taylor, “to produce completely unique vibration and sound that brings in fish from great distances. But the 360 is not just for loud, active fish attraction; it can be finessed to revolve slowly and tease shy biters into striking,” he said.

Anglers can fish the 360 with gentle jigging motions to produce slow, enticing rotations. It comes in four sizes – one-eighth, one-sixteenth, one-quarter and three-eighth ounces. Here is the part I like. It is effective on all species of panfish, trout, perch, walleye and pike. Now between these two companies, I am pumped!

There are products I’ve never written about until now. They are underwater cameras only because they seemed impractical for they always had to be boat mounted.

But now, thanks to Aqua-Vu, it has introduced a mobile and wireless groundbreaking piece of technology that seems to go with the times. It’s called the Aqua-Vu Wi-Fi. With this unit, anglers immediately inherit the ability to view underwater video on their smartphone or table – live. Working in conjunction with an underwater and transmitter, it can be play on wireless devices from anywhere in the boat, shore or ice with a range of 100 feet plus.

The Aqua-Vu Wi-Fi represents an entirely new generation of underwater viewing technology. It is said to have a looking glass application that transforms underwater video in waters where clarity and visibility had limitations. This unit now reveals fish and structure that previously could not be seen.

To learn more about it contact Cory Schmidt at 218-821-4148 or Noel Vick at 612-708-7339.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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