No Bones - Great Idea!
Inside the Outdoors, March 29
, 2013

One thing I’ve learned after being in the newspaper business over 46 years now, I look at all the contents of a tabloid, not just the headlines. And what do I spend most the time reading – the advertisements. Now, that may sound crazy to you, but I learned a long time ago that if I want to go somewhere, use something or know what’s new pertaining to my past time activities, browse over the ads.

And that, my friends, landed me with today’s column, a little bit about the new fishing products to make the headlines particularly two companies that have caught my eye.

So when I pulled out one of the latest Crappie magazines, I let my eyes dictate which products I would discuss for today’s feature, the following, jumped out at me.

When a chef, a sports editor and a member of a fly-fishing magazine all endorse a product, one has to think, “Hey wait a moment, maybe this guy has something here.” And so it was that, in addition to just studying the ad’s wording, I had to give Peter Stellas a call and ask him to cut me in on the action. I was intrigued to learn about a new way to clean fish. I thought I had the trick mastered and have been showing people my way for years, which, by the way, I will explain to you if you write or call me, but for all intended purposes, space-wise and otherwise, it’s better I dwell on this gentleman’s product.

First thing, I did was to call the 800 number. I was happy to see a phone number, because so many products now have website addresses and let it go at that. I was happy to contact the gentleman, himself and not be directed to some telemarketer. After telling him who I was, we talked for a bit, and then I felt compelled to get the DVD, and boy was I happy to watch this entrepreneur in action. Wow, what skill! And to think the way he fillets fish is so easy, actually gives me a confidence boost that I can do it just as well. If he can do it with ease, and I can learn easily from him, then you will have no trouble following his directions cleaning and filleting all freshwater and saltwater fish. You will be surprised at the size of meat that has been prepared for the frying pan, stove or grill.

His topics include steaking, pocketing, buterflying, filleting, skinning, gutting and the tools needed to perform the tasks. “Make No Bones About It,” brings to any viewer a new method of “Unzipping Your Fish” which has drawn interest of all sportsmen, media and fish eaters nationwide as well as throughout Canada. For additional information, log onto or order by calling 1-800-955-3132.

Back when I owned Pee Vee’s Fishing Lures and Tackle, again, I was drawn to purchases by ads. I now look at some of these new products and wish they had come out when I was in business. I say this because of Mad River’s Manufacturing scented products that fill the air of a particular scent right through the bag – anise.

One of my biggest sellers were Kelly Worms. And why were they so popular. I never quite figured it out until one day it hit me. Fish love anise. And so we have Mad River Mfg. Also that has come out with anise-scented trout plastic worms, these, two and one-quarter inches long in white, earthworm and pink-pearl colors. The colors and size are so perfect for our area waters that I’d almost wager to bet that these are the tickets for success. Here again, I wish I had my bait shop.

But wait, this company has produced something for the still fisherman as well – soft, rubber egg imitations colored in dark orange. Guess what – you got it. They, too, are anise scented and designed for catching trout, in particular. And for the steelhead angler, the California company has developed a shrimp-scented steelhead grub in pink pearl. I have no doubt, they will work in our lakes as well, and I’d bet the Loyalhanna as well. That is where you will see me trying out this new product. The company also developed a glow Kokanee Squid in clear pink. If I feel as enticed to use it, I also get the feeling, a fish may want to bite into it as well!

For the fly-fisherman, it now has manufactured Floaties, floating beads for fishing for trout, salmon and steelhead. Mad River may be reached by logging onto: or calling 707-840-9485.

By the way, now that we are into spring fishing, there is no better time to go for crappie. The meat is much firmer than the summer. They’ll be hungry and waiting for those minnow imitations, in particular. So hook on the bubblegum, chartreuse or shad colored plastics and go for them. Have a good time. Life is short!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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