Out of the mouth of babes...

But Dad.....When I saw the fungus growing on a log near Loyalhanna Creek in 5th Ward, I couldn't help but think of the earlier years when I introduced my daughter to the woods of Cook Forest.

We decided to take a hike, when along our path we discovered a fungus growing on a tree. I told her what it was. When we got to another tree some distance away, I asked her what that object was growing on the tree. She told me it was a fungus. I then explained that a group of funguses was called fungi.

So we walked a bit further until we noticed some more on a stump. I then asked my dear daughter "What have we here?

I know, I know. But, if these are the fungis, where are the fun girls?" Out of the mouths of babes...

Photo & article by:
Paul J. Volkmann (November 9, 2008)
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