PGC Art Program
Inside the Outdoors, September 02
, 2011

Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy owning wildlife art and help support programs that benefit Pennsylvania’s wildlife at the same time by purchasing any of the wildlife prints offered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

This year’s Pennsylvania Duck Stamp and Print is titled, “Cruising Wigeons” by Gerald W. Putt.

For those who aren’t familiar with this bird, “The American wigeon is a common and increasingly abundant duck, according to “It breeds in northwestern North America and is found throughout the rest of the continent in migration and in winter. Its small bill and the male’s white forehead, as well as certain aspects of nesting and feeding behavior, distinguish this species from other dabbling ducks.”

It goes on to describe the male as having a “white or cream-colored forehead and fore crown and broad dark-green patch extending from behind eye to nape. The bill is bluish-gray with a black tip. The cheeks and chin are grayish. The breast, side, and back are pinkish-brown. The rear flanks show a white patch; undertail coverts are black.”

Its counterpart – the female’s “head appears grayish overall, with finely-blended white and dusky streaks. The breast flanks are pale reddish-brown; mantle is grayish-brown with some buff barring. The bill is small and grayish, with a black tip.”

Putt grew up in Boiling Springs, where the ducks on the lake inspired him at a young age and later became some of his first subjects. Today a picturesque log building in the quaint town is home to Gerry’s wildlife art gallery, so reports the PGC.

Gerry’s “Cruising Wigeons” was the winner of the 2011 Pennsylvania Duck Stamp Contest, making him the first and only person to win the contest nine times.

According to Jerry Feaser of the PGC, “Revenues generated from the sale of conservation stamps, duck stamps and fine art prints are used by the Game Commission to acquire State Game Lands; improve wildlife habitats; preserve critical habitats, such as wetlands; and for other wildlife research and management programs. Its goal is to provide non-hunters/trappers with a means of supporting wildlife management in Pennsylvania, since we don’t receive any state taxpayer dollars.”

He went on to add, “The artwork is selected at the annual Pymatuning Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Expo, which is held in mid-September, in and around Linesville, Crawflord County. In the 2009-10 fiscal year, the program generated $23,915 for wetland acquisition and restoration programs, and waterfowl education programs,” he said.

All of the prints and their prices can be seen and are available through “The Outdoor Shop” on the agency’s website ( One can also get a number of other reproductions and posters by going online.


I received another email from Lindon Gamble, president of the Tubmill Trout Club, who reported that the Club has received a generous donation for stream habitat improvement. “A new corporate sponsor has been added to the ranks of groups interested in improving Tub Mill Run. The GeonOn Corporation, part owner and operators of the Conemaugh and Seward electrical generating stations, has committed $20,000 and the labor of many employees which took place Aug. 27th to the 29th. The chosen stretch of stream that was scheduled for stream habitat reconstruction was at the intersection of Rout 711 and Tub Mill Run, near the Laurel Valley School campus,” he said.

On Aug. 27th, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, GenOn Corporation, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and Tubmill Trout Club all worked together creating solutions for the existing erosion problems and building stream habitat for trout and all aquatic life’s benefit.

“We are excited,” Gamble said. “Having a sponsor like GenOn Corporation is what Tubmill Trout Club has been looking for many years.”

- Paul J. Volkmann
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