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Inside the Outdoors, January 12,

It comes with the territory when 2018 rolls around. New products make the scene during the new year. One’s eyes seem to browse over the many pages in tabloids from newspapers to magazines. I’m no different. In doing my homework, I actually learned of a new product from an angler who called me to tell me how well the white Kastmaster work. I was blown away, because I never heard of such a piece of merchandise. I was familiar with the silver, gold and blue and silver combinations, but white, I thought maybe he was calling silver, white.

So, what did I do as any good reporter should do? I went right to the manufacturer, Acme Tackle Company and talked to one of its representatives. He informed me that the company recently came out with a “Glow” white Kastmaster-type lure.

This new series provides a balance spoon with a wild action plus a loud rattle chamber. Featuring a UV/Baitfish front and a Gold or Chrome backside options, it’s very unique. It is made in four different sizes from a one thirty-second to one-eighth ounces in weight. Colors vary from the white to red, blue, chartreuse, pink to green neon Tiger Glow.

But that’s not all Kastmaster developed for 2018. It manufactured a Baitfish UV/Front Glow/Back rattle series in five different colors weighing one twenty-fourth to one-eighth ounces; a Baitfish UV series said to have realistic ‘outer bait skin,’ combined with the Kastmaster flash action; a new Side-Winder/UV effective for ice anglers who jig fish; and Pro-grade Tungsten jigs. Said to “drop quickly to allow precision control” to target even the most finicky panfish, they come in eight different colors.

According to the representative to whom I spoke, the items are available now at many retailers throughout the country.

The Jiffy Ice Drills Company has come out with the 46X-TREME Model 46 Propane Powered 49CC 4-Stroke Ice Drill. Said to be “the most powerful propane powered Jiffy ice drill yet,” it starts with one to two pulls. It is clean burning, has low emissions propane that means no mixing of fuel since this unit requires no priming. It has a carrying weight of thirty-two to thirty-five pounds. It is available in six, eight, nine and ten inch drill assemblies.

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Next, since the temperatures are great for ice formation, the following product should be considered for avid ice anglers. Manufactured by 906 Made, the Underice Bait Bag invention takes the place of bait buckets in as much as one no longer has to keep one’s bait in the containers for the duration of the outing, but can now transfer minnows or shiners “in a natural home environment under the ice in the cold waters. The Underice Bait Bag comes with a closed loop at the top that is equipped with a stainless steel carabiner.” For more information, visit

And last, if one wants to protect the head, face and neck in frigid weather, Huntworth has come out with a “High Performance Balaclava, a hat that pulls over the head covering the body parts mentioned above. The new #5663 Men’s Performing Fleece Balaclava is perfect for outdoors activities, is waterproof, and even has Microban as a part of its material, which is an antimicrobial product protection to provide scent reduction. There are two openings, one for the mouth and the other for the eyes.

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