Recycling Specifications
Inside the Outdoors, August 23
, 2013

Every so often readers come to me asking details concerning our environment. Since the city of Latrobe started recycling years ago, one woman asked, “What changes have been made so that we can keep up with what to recycle and what not to recycle?

“And if there has been a change, what are we allowed to put in the green containers now?” were the questions. I think this is something to which all of Latrobe should pay attention and not just those inclined to better the environment.

According to a city official, “Nothing has changed. We will take bottles and cans and items marked #1 and #2 ‘ONLY. Nothing more.”

That brings me to the question, “Did citizens ever take recycling seriously as to note what they are allowed to deposit in the provided boxes?” My answer – “Some do and a good many don’t.” I have seen cardboard boxes, drinking cups and kids toys shoved in the recyling containers, for example.

I contacted Waste Management in Scottdale and was given a heads-up just what happens if there are too many items that are not acceptable put out for refuse workers to dispose of. This is what I was told.

“If there are just a few items in the trucks that aren’t according to specifications (as noted above), they will be separated from the recycleables. If there is more refuse that contaminates the items, ALL will be taken to the dump and disposed of there.” This makes this whole recycling process a farce. People have to be held responsible for what they put in those green containers. If the wrong things are deposited in them, it makes efforts of those conscientious about our environment fruitless.

Bottom line – we have to take the process seriously. If not, what could be and should be taken to heart will just go by the wayside and tremendous amount of waste will take place. If we are to conserve and preserve our environment, each person has a responsibility and it begins with using some common sense. Recycling is just that if it is done right. Do it wrong and it becomes useless.

Now here is an update from the city official.

Beginning in January, 2014, items marked #1 to 7 will be accepted by the city of Latrobe, BUT NOT UNTIL THEN.

Got it? Please recycle by noting what should be placed within the curbside containers and what should be placed in the garbage.


September marks various events. First, Sept. 3 begins extended trout season in approved trout waters. That means instead of keeping five trout, one is only allowed to harvest three. This season lasts until Feb. 28, 2014. Of course, one can catch as many trout as he wishes. The only limitation is how many are kept.

Unfortunately for some of us, it also is the start of the cooler temps not something of which to look forward.

But since the students go back to school, many stream fishermen and women won’t be bothered by teens causing a stir in many of the streams, jumping in where we are fishing or throwing rocks at us (yours truly in particular).

To many, whether three or more fish are allowed to be kept, most don’t keep any. We just enjoy the great outdoors. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


To a note to highlight something I read in the Pennsylvania Outdoor News publication, Aug. 16th edition. “Boating fatalities are up sharply this year.” The staff reporter stated, “Not wearing a personal floatation device, or life jacket, proved fatal for most victims, too.”

Don’t we read something similar in reference to motor vehicle accidents – riders failing to use safety harnesses? Really, it’s all common sense when you come right down to it. Now in the boating scheme of things, one can purchase inflatable life jackets that aren’t as cumbersome as the older variety.

If one is going to be boating, check out these new products. They may be a life saver at best.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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