A Squeeze Play
Inside the Outdoors, August 25,

The other day while I was at my booth at the Latrobe Farmer’s Market, a woman approached my tables and stated, “I have a real story to tell you.” The crazy thing is, so did others, and sometimes I find a number of people all talking at once. As much as I am interested in what each has to say, I end up hearing bits and pieces of each conversation.

In this case, I tried to be polite to the others and looked in their direction, but actually was all ears to what I was supposed to hear as told by the first individual.

“We visited Ohio Pyle lately and my son went down the rock slide into three feet of water. After splashing into the water, he saw a trout and decided to try to latch onto it. His efforts panned out. He grabbed onto a really nice trout.

She said, “Her son exclaimed, “Mom, Mom, get the camera. You have to take a picture with me and this trout!”

In all the excitement, I failed to ask her if he kept the fish or returned it to the cold mountain stream.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to call the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) and consult with Captain Dan Christ concerning the legalities of removing a fishing from a compound by hand such as this youth did and not returning it to the waters. Of course I don’t know if he did or he didn’t put it back because we never got that far along in conversation concerning that matter.

But let’s say the youth decided to keep the fish and would have been reprimanded by the PFBC. According to Christ, The fine would be $195.50 including court costs.” He also noted that the location where the fish was caught was part of the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lure Only area.

There are quite a few natural rockslides along Ohio Pyle’s Meadow Run at the entrance along State Route 381. Upon entering the parking lot there is a sign that directs one to the slide the youth used.

Maybe it’s a blessing I didn’t get the people’s names in this case. I may have just saved some parents a wad of money!


The PFBC is offering two special fishing opportunities to entice adults and kids to fish on Labor Day, Sept. 4. The first is a one-dollar license for adult residents and non-residents. The second is the Mentored Youth Panfish Day. This provides youth anglers who have obtained a free mentored youth permit or have purchased a voluntary youth license an opportunity to catch fish whereby all minimum size limits have been lifted for the kids and their mentors on this day. Of the 19 lakes available in this program, those in Westmoreland County include Bridgeport Reservoir, Indian Lake, Upper and Lower Twin Lakes, and Northmoreland Lake.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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