Step-Up In Hunting?
Inside the Outdoors, February 24,

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” No, I’m not try to steal the expression that was made famous years ago. I’m talking about the meals I ate from last week’s outing to Twin Lakes when the thermometer rose to fifty-five degrees.

It so happened, the master-angler, Steve Gordon, and I decided to do a bit of fishing on the lower lake as we were tempted by the warm weather.

Since the weather was warner than usual, but the water was cold, we knew we had a chance to possibly cash in. And that we did.

One angler we crossed paths with from the Mountain View area said he got three rainbows and one nice brown trout. “I threw back the rainbow and kept the brown which I smoked,” he said.”

Gordon turned me on to one tremendous bait that can’t be beat. It’s the combination of a Leland one-sixty-fourth-ounce trout magnet jig head hooked into a Tiny Shad Bass Assassin. I’ve always believed in Leland Lures and they’ve always come through for me, but never gave them a shot of combining them with other baits.

One can get these products from They come in four different colors. The Bass Assassins can also be purchased on the Internet by typing in the product name. That is also the company name. There are 48 different selections.

Or if one is not fishing now, I will be selling the combinations at any one of the many craft shows upcoming or the Latrobe’s Farmer’s Market.

There’s nothing like coming home and eating a good-sized trout, hours after it was caught!


The Pennsylvania Game Commission recently announced that plans are in the making considering allowing hunters to use semiautomatic rifles while hunting. According to Travis Lau, “The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave unanimous preliminary approval to regulatory changes that would permit the use of semiautomatic rifles and shotguns while hunting big game, small game and furbearers.”

How it would work, according to the news release, “A five-round magazine would be required for all semiautomatic rifles, with the total ammunition capacity limited to six rounds, based on the preliminary approve measure.”

It was interesting to note, “Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation that currently has no hunting seasons during which semiautomatic rifles can be used.”

- Paul J. Volkmann
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