Stocking In Progress
Inside the Outdoors,March 17,

Opening day trout is in the air. The stocking trucks have begun to move and water basins are getting their fill of various species of trout. March 1 started the ball rolling as fish were deposited in Loyalhanna Creek between State Route 711 in Ligonier down to State Route 2045, also known as the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only Project. Two days later, Mar. 3., Northmoreland Lake received its fill of trout.

Since then, state workers have been stocking various water basins preparing for opening day on April 15.

On Mar. 4, a partial of the Loyalhanna Creek was stocked from the mouth of Zimmerman Run down to the bridge of State Route 711. Also, on that date, the Loyalhanna got its fill from State Route 2045 bridge to Kingston Dam marked by the State Route 217 Bridge, as well as from the Dam all the way down to Monastery Run behind Legion Keener Park in Latrobe.

Three days later, Keystone Lake, Indian Lake and Sewickley Creek, brook, brown and/or combinations of either of the three fish.

Mar. 22 will mark the date for both Upper and Lower Twin Lakes for stocking. The following day, Fourmile Run, Mar. 23, will receive browns and rainbows from the end of T595 (Kline Road) to the mouth of the stream.

It may be of interest to note that some may question the fact that since Donegal Lake was drawn down, there won’t be enough water to hold stocked fish until the compound is repaired and refilled.

“Not so,” said Kathy Hamilton, RLA, Landscape Architect and Storm Water Technician for the Westmoreland Conservation District. “Just because the lake is drawn down, the creek still runs into its basin and discharges down stream. That stream is just a small fraction of the many tributaries that form Fourmile Run. So, there will still be plenty of water to contain trout into that stream.” Rainbow trout will be the species stocked.

Mammoth Lake is the next compound to receive these sought after fish. It will also receive rainbow trout on Mar. 24.

Stocking in April consists of four different dates. Brook trout will find their new home in Jacobs Creek and Linn Run April 7, Indian Creek will be populated with brooks and browns April 11, Fourmile and Turtle Creek will be stocked April 12, and Hannas Run, Hendricks Creek, Mill Creek, Shannon Run and Tubmill Creek will all receive their fill of this popular aquatic species April 14.

Become conservaton-minded.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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