Stocking Days Ahead
Inside the Outdoors, September 29,

I was delighted to come upon two fellows walking down Ligonier Street heading home after a non-productive evening at Loyalhanna Creek. Even though their heads were hung low because of their depressive situation, one of the youth stated something that stirred my attention that I thought might be of interest to readers who enjoy learning new tricks to catching fish.

Nico Mazzoni, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ohler, Latrobe, just returned from a fishing excursion elsewhere and had a very productive outing. He put it this way.

“My pap, Gerry Walter from Derry, took me up to Lake Erie where we fished along Walnut Creek. We caught sixty-two fish using corn and minnows!” he exclaimed.

I asked him what species of fish he caught whereby he said, “Mainly trout!”

That ought to make anyone smile from ear to ear!


It seems that there is an opossum living in the neighborhood in the proximity of Ligonier and James Street. It has been found at one person’s home twice, once in the basement and another more recent time, in a recycling bin. I have had the pleasure of making acquaintance with it in my children’s playhouse.

I contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission and inquired (in this case) where one can let it loose. This is what I was told: “All nuisance wildlife animals must be released on one’s own private property, on another property with the landowner’s permission or in the state game lands.

The recycling bin owner stated after much deliberation she decided to let it go on her own property.


Wherever readers of my column find me, there are always questions in their minds that they seem to unload on me. The most popular concerns the following information – “When is the state going to stock next?” Well, plan on it. It won’t be long now that area residents will be seeing large trucks full of trout, heading to area basins where fishers love to take on the challenges of hooking a meal.

Beginning October third, the following waterways in Westmoreland County will get their fill of rainbow trout: Keystone Lake, Loyalhanna Creek and Northmoreland Lake. Indian and Mammoth Lakes will receive the same species October fifth, and both Twin Lakes Number One Reservoir Lower Lake and Twin Lakes Number Two Reservoir Upper Lake, October tenth.

You may want t!o follow Mazzoni’s suggestion by using corn and minnows to catch those fine looking fish!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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