Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited tree planting

Members of the Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited gathered recently along Mill Creek in Ligonier on the Dennison Investment property to plant 25 potted trees, all native species of maple, oak and poplar. The project was part of the Mill Creek Conservation plan initiated by Westmoreland County. The trees were purchased with a state Growing Greener Grant through the Department of Environmental Protection.

According to Scott Minster, secretary of FTTU, "As the trees get big, their roots will help hold the banks together preventing erosion and keeping the stream channel from getting wide and shallow. They will also prevent sediment from getting into the stream."

He continued by pointing out, "It is all part of the conservationplan that our chapter worked out for Mill Creek in 2005. Chapter members walked the entire length of the stream noting impairments and problem spots. Since 2006, FTTU along with the Western Pennsylvania Conservatory, Latrobe Watershed Association and Westmoreland County Conservation District have been fixing the problems we found."

Taking part in the tree planting included, from left to right, kneeling, in the front, Bob Shusko and Bill Palmer; and rear, left to right, Marlene Shusko, Scott Minster, secretary, Lou Izzo, president, Michael Strovall and Michael Myers, who all volunteered their time.

Photo & ariticle by:
Paul J. Volkmann (October 2008)
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