Trout Being Caught
Inside the Outdoors, August 17
, 2012

Received word recently from the folks at the Loyalhanna Trading Post, Route 30, that anglers are catching trout at and about the Kingston Dam. That stirs my adrenaline a bit as I want to grab my rods and head down there. If I only had the time…

Those who may want to take to the woods this fall to do some hunting should consider buying your license now. The Pennsylvania Game Commission started with a quota 50,000 for the Wildlife Management Unit 2C, which consists of Westmoreland, Cambria, Bedford, Somerset and Fayette counties, and has roughly 32,000 remaining. That may seem like a lot, but as we get closer to October, hunters will be lining up in sporting supply outlets and handing over the greenbacks for those permits allowing them to harvest varieties of animals from Penn’s Woods.

Just last week, I happened to hear some stories over the tube that stirred my interest. What was reported, all had one thing in common – the mild winter was the cause of nature acting with some sort of irregularity.

First and foremost, a reporter on KDKA Channel 2 stated that, to be on the safe side, put on insect repellent to prevent from getting mosquito bites.

Here’s a heads-up that these little creatures may be carrying the West Nile Virus, so this is nothing to take lightly. I use Avon’s Skin So Soft. There are many more products on the market, but I would recommend using something. As I see it, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

By the way, numerous people have asked me why God made these creatures, believe it or not, and the answer is for bat nourishment. I may be wrong, but they eat up to a pound a day. So, lets cheer on those bats and treat them kindly. They are definitely our friends!

The second creature of which we must be careful is the black widow spider. According to one station, they, too, have a greater population growth because of the winter. There are more than usual. If one is observant and careful where he walks, etc., all should be OK. On the other hand, just like anything else, disregarding God’s setup of nature may result in unfortunate circumstances.

One of the insects I was alerted to when this problem surfaced was the tick. Deet has always been used to counteract this problem. Thank goodness for those manufacturers.

Last on the list of insects making the news lately are bees. Here we have one of those creatures that we look toward because of the wonderful products they produce – honey and beeswax, and yet they can be problem causers just like the others mentioned above.

Back on Aug. 3, a neighborhood youth who lives behind me came over to where I was sitting watching the fireworks during Steeler Night and said, “Mr. Pee Vee, I got stung by a bee today and it really hurt!” Needless to say, I’m glad she recovered quickly. I think being intrigued by the display, the sting was the last thing on her mind .

A gent in Texas tried to vacuum a number of bees into a machine and was overcome by them. Stung, he tried to drive himself to a hospital, but lost control of his car, hitting a pedestrian, three cars and a house. Eventually, he did make it to his destination.

Here again, another report, this one by Mary Robb Jackson, came over television station KDKA, Aug. 2. that “a Delta commuter flight at Pittsburgh International Airport loaded with passengers was delayed.” The plane was about to get fuel when it was noticed that a cluster of honeybees was attached to one wing. Master beekeeper Stephen Repasky was summoned. “Swarms of bees are actually nothing new at the airport,” she said. Last May, 25,000 to 30,000 landed on the Taxiway-C light. At the airport, this would be the fourth swarm that was caught this year.

I consider everything in nature beautiful. What I’ve learned over the years is to realize its defenses, be knowledgeable as to their results, and take into considerable preventative measures. Nothing intentionally wants to harm you. Use common sense and all should work to your favor. In the meantime, study nature critically. There’s lots to be learned.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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