Trout Harvest Permitted
Inside the Outdoors, June 21
, 2013

June 15 marked the beginning of two dates to remember – the start of bass fishing for the year’s season and the harvesting of trout in the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lure Only section in the Loyalhanna Creek in Ligonier.

According to the 2013 Pennsylvania Fishing Summary of Fishing Regulations and Laws, “The daily creel limit is three-combined species from one hour before sunrise on June 15 to one hour after sunset on Labor Day. Minimum size is 9 inches.”

It goes on to state, “Fishing may be done with artificial lures only constructed of metal, plastic, rubber or wood, or with flies and streamers constructed of natural or synthetic materials. All such lures may be used with spinning or fly fishing gear.”

Natural bait is prohibited as is baitfish, bait paste and similar substances, fish eggs natural or molded or any other edible substance.

Here is another thing of which to make note. A trout/salmon permit is no longer required to fish designated approved trout waters any more this year. May 31 was the cutoff date, according to the summary booklet. This does not apply to the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lure Project, however. If one has further question about this ruling, he may want to contact the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission at 814-445-8974.


A fellow approached me the other day and asked where would be a good place to go fishing in as much as his daughter would like to take a stab at fishing. In addition, he questioned me as to a license.

I first hit him with some great news. July 4th is a “Fish-For-Free-Day,” the last one of the year whereby anglers do not need licenses. I told him I would definitely take advantage of the opportunity. I then asked how old she was and he told me 19. In as much as one has to be 16, this would give her a taste of what it takes to catch fish.

The other date was Memorial Day, May 27.


With bass season now in, it is important to point out that a big bass program exists in many of the lakes in Westmoreland County. Bass harvested must be at least 15 inches in length with a daily limit of 4 combined species.

Bodies of water include Keystone State Park Lake, Bridgeport Reservoir, Upper and Lower Twin Lakes, Mammoth Dam, and Northmoreland Lake.

To measure fish exactly, close the mouth of the fish and take the measurements from the front end of the fish. One is permitted to slightly compress the tail to make it a tad bit longer, possibly to enable the angler to arrive at the desired length to keep the fish.

Remember that bigger lures catch bigger fish. A whole rubber worm, with a spinner attached in front, just may be the ticket for the trophy fish.


Fishing Report – Recently, I heard from a lad who sent me a series of emails telling me his daily report fishing in the Loyalhanna Creek in the Latrobe area. As a reflection of how great “we” think this body of water is, I will just give you a report on a day to day basis. For the time being, he will remain anonymous.

June 5, 2013, 4:40 p.m. – “No joke, in 20 minutes I saw a large duck, a beaver of some sort, about five medium-sized trout, and over 30 various-sized trout during my lunch break looking about and gazing into the Loyalhanna. It’s the most life I’ve ever seen at once, just great to see!”

June 7, 2013, 7:45 a.m. – “Hey, Pee Vee. I went down later that night and actually caught the biggest fish I have, at least, I have ever caught…a 14-inch largemouth bass, heavy guy. Then I caught a smaller bass, 8-inches.”

I know the feeling. There are days I have returned from the same body of water knowing that I was definitely in God’s country. After all, I, too, have seen herons, an eagle, kingfishers, beavers, water snakes, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, and groundhogs, not to mention catching almost all game fish. I’m still waiting to at least hook onto a musky and pike. They’re in there, you know. I guess I just haven’t gotten the touch.

Received a report from a mother who reported that since I told her to pass along the word to her son about crimping all fish hooks, he told her he is having a great deal more fun now that he is not faced with the difficulty of removing them. Kudos to them both!

Remember, you can email me your fishing reports.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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