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Inside the Outdoors, April 22
, 2011

I received an email recently from Lindon Gamble, president of the Tubmill Trout Club, informing me as to their two upcoming events planned in the near future.

The first will be their Youth Spring Gobbler Hunt, April 23, held anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania according to all rules and regulations as explained by the Pennsylvania Game Commission “Spring Gobbler” season. Entry fees are $5 per youth with all registration fees being awarded to the top two places. Names of both participants and mentors must be on the registration forms.

Scoring requires a complete carcass with a completed tag. Beards will be measured with the longest single strand being recorded to the next lesser one-eighth inch. Spurs will be measured from the back of the leg to spur tip from spur’s underside to the next lesser one-eighth inch.

Gobblers must be reported within 24 hours of harvest and officially scored at one of several scoring locations across the Commonwealth. Hunters may register only once. One gobbler per registered hunter will be eligible for prizes.

The other event, “TOM TOM” Spring Gobbler hunt (for adults), requires a $10 registration plus $10 entrance fee ($20). The hunt will take place April 30 to May 31. Included will be a $5 raffle ticket. Cash prizes will be awarded according to the Pennsylvania 7:00 p.m. daily lottery number. Monetary prizes will be awarded according to date: May 29 - $1,000, 30 - $600, 31 - $1,000, 2011.

Raffle prize eligibility does not require registrant harvesting a gobbler. Tickets may also be purchased by others not registered in the hunt.

One-hundred percent of entrance fees will be awarded to the top three hunters who harvested gobblers. For every 50 entrants there will be an established “prize pot” of $500 Prizes will be as follow: First place – 45%, second, 35% and third, 20% The accumulation of “entrance fees” at $10 per entrant times 50 equals $500. Successful hunters will be eligible for a $1000 grand prize drawing awarded at 8 p.m., May 31, 2011, at the New Florence VFW. Hunters need not be present to win.

Register in person, by mail or online at One may contact Gamble at 724-235-9798 concerning check-in times, special instructions or other pertinent information.

Recently, I learned of a number of members of Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited who have spent many years contributing to the goals of the organization of conservation, restoration of resources and education. One such volunteer, C. Russ Mason, donated 42 years of his time. He was recognized for his services at the 38th Annual Coldwater Conservation Banquet and Raffle back on March 5.

Those also deserving recognition include the following: Bruno Cinti, 40 years, John E. Giesey, 36 years, Arthur E. Caramella and Joseph J. Lester, 33 years, Thomas R. Evans, 32 years, Michael Johnson and James M. Sapola, 31 years, Ronald L. Kimmel and, 30 years, Thomas E. Lace, Vincent A. Toth and Fred Greenberg, 28 years, Walter M. Gower and Dale E. Johnson, 27 years, Leslie E. Barbieri, Thomas R. Gower and Gary Gaillot, 26 years and Paul J. Volkmann and Chuck E. “Chuck” Kuchta, 25 years.

Ran into Frank Moff the other day. He told me he has a new product – the FishKaBobber. It was back in 1997, the Latrobe resident made headlines when he introduced the Bobber With The Brain, a fishing tool that would win him world acclaim.

“Just this month,” the entrepreneur said, “I received an order for 54 that are being sent to Egypt.

The FishKaBobber consists of two tough center hole cylinders along with two heavy plastic straws and a golf-type logo tree. One can make 100’s of different bobbers in this “Do It Yourself” bobber construction kit. Part of the apparatus consists of a waterproof, flexible foam which has many applications from hook holders, bite detectors to even making floating hooks and baits. It works with any weight sinker or jig.

Two large companies, Pitman Creek Wholesalers in Kentucky and the Fishing Hole in Canada are outlets for the Latrobe-based Big Ten Tackle products. Moff revealed that his company will be the product sponsor for 16 tournaments of Crappie Masters.

To learn more about Big Ten Tackle, log onto:

- Paul J. Volkmann
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