USFWS Approves Update
Inside the Outdoors, March 11,

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission (PFBC) has recently announced that an updated provision has been approved for continued management and protection of Pennsylvania’s fish and wild life species.

According to the PFBC, “This revision updates the 2005 Pennsylvania Action Plan that has guided management of the Commonwealth’s troubled wildlife for the past ten years. The approved 2015 – 2025 Pennsylvania Action Plan and Game Commission remains eligible for federal funding through the state Wildlife Grant Program.”

Executive Director R. Matthew Hough was encouraged about the plan. He stated, “Our new plan keeps us on the course we charted for wildlife conservation a decade ago. But making progress and protecting imperiled species in the face of mounting development and environmental problems will not be easy. It will take a greater commitment from more Pennsylvanians and more funding for wildlife to stay the course.”

He went on to state, “Pennsylvania now finds itself in a conservation conundrum: the state’s resources are in trouble financially.” Explained Hough. “Although this plan outlines how best to help our species of greatest conservation need teamwork from the public and legislative assistance to ensure we stay as proactive as we must.”

PFBC Executive Director John Arway concluded by saying, “The end result is an improvement over the 2005 Plan, as the new plan will serve as an updated blueprint for implementing conservation of Pennsylvania…fauna and national habitats through the conservation of the PFBC, their partners, and the communities and the individualities of the state.”


If you who are “duck-minded” and believe in the conservation of these fine-feathered friends, you will want to start making plans to attend the Sixth Annual Ducks Unlimited Sporting Clay Shoot, Friday, May 5, 2o17, at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Registration will be at 10 a.m. The 100 Target Course Start will begin at 11:00 a.m. A buffet dinner, raffles, auctions, and skill prizes will follow all activities.

It is imperative that one register before April 30, 2017. One may do so by writing to Forbes Trail Ducks Unlimited, Inc., 7650 Route30, North Huntington, PA 15642. One may also do so by telephoning 724-863-3001, faxing 724-863-4043, or email

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