The Wonders of Nature
Inside the Outdoors, June 30,

Recently a number of tidbits of interest were brought to my attention that I thought I’d share with you today.

If I were writing just about a little girl’s encounter with a baby animal, I probably would have started off the story as told by her mother as stating, “Can I keep it mommy, can I keep it, can I keep, can I?

In actuality, what the youth was referring to was the child’s encounter with a young opossum that somehow made its way into the family basement home located on James Street not far the Ligonier St. intersection.

After the loving parents let her know that wild animals aren’t allowed to be kept in captivity, mother, father and daughter went upstairs leaving the animal to exit on its own never to be seen again.

There are a lot of people talking about “Boo Boo” the large black bear that seems to making it rounds. A young man who held his cell phone in his right hand confronted me at the Latrobe Farmers’ Market. “Pee Vee, you have to see this. There is a large black bear roaming around Six, Seventh and Eighth Avenues,” and then he showed me the adult stalker on the other side of a cyclone fence. “I decided to give him that name because he always sticks his head out between branches as to startle or surprise someone, particularly me.”

Could “Boo Boo” be the same bear that is causing people to talk it up in Lawson Heights? Maybe if you follow it, you will get the bear facts!

The nest story is one of a different nature. It so happened that a father and son were roaming the shores of Keystone State Park Lake in New Alexandria. All at once the youth eyed a large catfish hugging the shore. He wanted that fish but didn’t have any bait. So the two of them walked the shore until they came upon some crumbled paper. Picking it up, the youth decided to put it on his hook on the line on his rod.

No soon did he lower the wad into the water than bam! The fish rose and gobbled it up. Could it possibly have been a piece of the Latrobe Bulletin it was attracted to?


Just a reminder to the hunters and trappers in Penn’s woods. The hunting licenses went on sale June 19. They can be obtained at the respective dealers. I will dwell more on this subject next week.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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