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Off the Wall, July 11
, 2013

The other day I received telephone call concerning a story I had written on the loss of two eagles that were illegally shot and that it is why we should have gun control.

I have avoided this controversial subject for some time now. But as I mall-walked and gave a great deal of time to thinking about the subject, I decided it was time to give it a go – at least from my point of view.

I imagine within a square, four-block area of my house, there are at least two to five residents who own a gun or two besides me. I don’t know who they are and it really matters not. Have I ever been approached by one of these individuals toting a weapon and pointing it in my direction? Nope, and don’t think it will ever happen, to be truthful. Let’s multiply that by six. Now, we have a 24-square block area. That, folks, covers a lot of territory. I’ll ask the same question and also know the outcome will also be the same.

There’s even doubt whether I will be accosted physically with a weapon-wielding actor from the Greater Latrobe area, not to mention surrounding towns and boroughs. Should people have to give up their weapons? Not by a long shot – sorry for the pun.

But let’s say that just for the heck of it, the government passes a bill to confiscate all our guns because of harming intruders, threatening neighbors, and poachers of wildlife. We will have to turn to a substitute for weaponry.

The first things that come to my mind are knives – and there are all kinds out there. Putting aside the pocket or sheath held devices, I would rather refer to something we use daily – our dinnerware. What is handier to cause infliction than the tool we use for eating? Need I go into detail as to its many uses? Soon, the government will catch on, and there go our knives. Oh, but don’t feel frustrated just yet. Next, we’ll use our forks. Just think, when sharpened, we can actually get four stabs with one blow – much better than a dinner knife, wouldn’t you say? Oh, I see it coming. Well… there go our forks.

Now, we are down to the spoons. Grasping the round parts is easy. We can also sharpen the handle and make a point out of it. Now, we’ll have a better knife than ever. But wait! Is that the confiscator coming down Ligonier Street in front of my neighbor’s house? Sure is. Uncle Sam has sent this well-dressed, middle-aged gent from home to home to collect all spoons. I heard he would not leave until every last one is accounted for.

Of course it won’t be long that the leaders of our country will figure it out – gather up all the beer, pop and wine bottles. They can kill just as easily as a gun. Is that who I think it is walking in my direction from three-quarters of a block away? You’re right – the government gent dragging bags of bottles to his car for quick disposal. Whoopee…

This is where the expression – “slim pickin’s” comes into play. We’ve joined the cave man. So what’s next? Is the government going to send out militia to cut off our fingers? After all, strangulation has always played into killing during the heat of passion.

Don’t you know that “an eye for an eye” is not the way to go? And what’s this baloney about shooting wildlife out of season. If rifles are going to be removed from hunters, then we fishermen, women and youth are next. Does anyone know how many fish are killed illegally for the fun of it? Fish now or forever or hold your Bobber With a Brain! Maybe that material object is the only thing that is thinking properly, with its head above water! The government sure isn’t.

Here’s the solution, folks, as I see it. Too many people want to “subtract,” rather than “add to it.” When the government feels they have to take guns away from American citizens, they are taking possessions covered by the second amendment whereby it states “we have a right to bear arms.” That taking away is subtracting our valued objects.

A different approach would be considered an addition rather than subtraction. If all of us could just get down on our knees and ask Christ to become part of our lives, He will not only fill us full of love, but the Holy Spirit will replace violent acts with love. My suggestion is a plea, not a mere thought. His love is stronger than hate could ever be.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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