Ain’t So!
Off The Wall, December 9, 2011

If there is one thing that really bothers me, it’s people making assumptions through generalizations. I can only conclude that what is repeated is something that was heard through the grapevine, so to speak, and not something that was proven as scientific fact.

Lately, I’ve gotten a lot of emails concerning dumb blonde jokes. Are women who have that color of hair stupid people? Ask the next blonde person you see if she is ignorant, dumb or stupid, and you’ll probably get a sneer, rebuttal or even a punch in the nose, as far as that goes.

Actually, after doing a bit of investigation, I found the derivation of the expression goes back to Marilyn Monroe. She portrayed a dumb blonde in the movies. Thus, blondes took on that title, unfortunately. For Marilyn, it didn’t matter. Through her acting, she gained many fans and became very popular.

Outside of acting, was Ms. Monroe dumb? I believe she was far from it, as are the other blondes that followed.

Actually, when you get right down to it, there are women (and men) who may be brunette, redhead or black-haired that have acted dumb and said the most idiotic things.

Here is another statement that grates me. “The only thing that men want is sex.” “Ain’t so, McGee!” There is a time and place for that activity, and it is found within a marital relationship between a man and a woman. That is what the Holy Scriptures teach and that is what I believe.

There is literally a ton of stuff I want in life, and it has nothing to do with copulation. Let me just list a few examples:

  • To raise a family and hope that my children are happy;
  • To be financially secure;
  • To live to give;
  • To grow spiritually and teach others to do likewise;
  • Eat nutritiously
  • Bring joy to others
  • Educate others.

Here is another ridiculous statement. “Route 22 is a killer highway.” I can just see it now – little guns popping up through the pavement, aiming at cars coming their way. When vehicles get within a certain range, they fire torpedo-type artillery causing destruction at will. “Have to watch that highway. It will get you every time!”

Come off it. Pavement on highways can not kill individuals, plain and simple. It’s the way drivers misuse the privileges that cause injuries and death on that and other roads. Something tells me, people won’t change. They still will call it what they want.

Here is a similar saying – “Guns kill people.” I own a gun. It has not walked away from where I keep it and shot anybody, at least to my knowledge, anyway. Get with it! Guns do not kill people. It’s how persons use them that cause harm.

Here’s another doozy. “All women are bad drivers.” Poppycock! However, a scientific study was conducted at the University of Giessen, Germany, and it divulged that “Women have poorer navigation skills and do not judge distances as well as men.” The website where I got this information,, also stated, “Studies conducted have shown that women achieved lower scores in tests that measured their spatial skills, as compared to their male counterparts.” I like to side with USA females and state, “Men have used bad judgment speeding on the street where I live, not women!

Finally, there is one more category that seems to have surfaced recently. People are saying in a matter of so many words, “All homosexuals or lesbians are sinners!” Again, ain’t so. Having a certain leaning in one direction or another does not make one a sinner. Now, if one commits sexual acts with individuals that are the same sex, then what is done is surely wrong and must be labeled sinful.

What really ruffles my feathers, so to speak, is to hear churched people, in particular, state that being a homosexual or lesbian is wrong. Yes, the acts are wrong, but unless these people commit sexual actions, they can’t be labeled as sinners, at least in this case.

To hate those who are not like us is not Christ-like. Shouldn’t our hearts be full of love?

It all comes down to two words – “acts” or “actions.” It’s how people behave or how we use things that determine outcome. “Only people who act simple-minded generalize!"

- Paul J. Volkmann
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