All Uphill
Off the Wall, June 22
, 2012

There was a time that Christians could cruise along on a somewhat level surface and not think that they may be threatened from being considered a minority in status. After all, most everyone in the communities throughout the nation were attending some of the 150 denominations, so someplace there was something for everyone.

But now, there seems to be a threat taking place that the conventional ways of doing things are being taken over by a somewhat more radical stance, and I’m not necessarily talking about politics, however, that does enter into the picture.

One thing that stands out in my mind is dress. I don’t mean to pick on one gender, but women have so much more to expose than men, that goes without saying. It begins with the chest area and goes down below the knees.

There was a time period where bathing suits consisted of one-piece apparel and everything was left to the imagination. Not anymore. Very little is left to be exposed. And depending where one may go, even the remaining is in full view now.

I was told recently of an award show that took place at a junior high school. Few of any of the children getting awards were dressed up.

There was one female teen whom was clad with a very short dress that hung well above her knees. When she sat down, the dress rode even higher up her legs closer to the thigh area. It was sad, in a manner of speaking, that this child felt that in order to please her peers she had to expose her torso in this fashion. The ironic thing was, her mother, who sat in the front, wore an outfit with the same design, similar in length.

Here was the question that immediately came to mind. Were the peers telling this young lady what to wear or was it the mother who was setting the example for the youth?

When I attend church, I go there to worship God. This is one place I wish to keep my mind fixed to the straight and narrow and not be distracted by how one wishes to display one’s physique.

I’m often troubled when a female either joins or brings the family who thinks it’s OK to expose any amount of cleavage she possesses. When I was growing up, we used the words “proper vs. improper.” To make a long story short, in my opinion, this is highly improper. I think women should think twice before going to large gatherings as to what they should cover up as opposed to expose.

So much for the clothing thing…

Back in March (seems like ages ago), someone in the Church who labels himself as a Christian made a remark that stunned me so much that I had to send out my first survey of 2012 to see if others felt the same way as he. It was one of those “Complete the sentence” type deals. It went like this: “Because I am a Christian, I feel it is my duty…”

The middle-aged man stated, “We should do all we can to wipe out homosexuals.” In all honesty, if one is a true Christian, there is no way in the world that type of attitude should be Christ-like. But, here again, I could be wrong, so that is why I circulated my questionnaire. It certainly is not my view, and I was hoping there would be no one else who felt the same way.

A Presbyterian from Middleton, NJ, said, “Because I am a Christian, I feel it is my duty to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and TRY to live as He did. I try not to be judgmental. I accept people as they are, and by example, try to show Christian love. This is very difficult, as it is human to look at others’ faults and think of ourselves as perfect. But as you know, Pee Vee, this is impossible.”

A Roman Catholic from Natrona Heights, PA, said, “Because I am a Christian, I feel it is my duty to act as a Christian, converse as a Christian and be thankful that Christ exists.”  And a non-denominational church member said, “I feel it is my duty to pray one for another, live each day as though it were my last, remember the needy, give help where help is needed when I can and do not forget John 3:16.”

Thus, the conclusions I draw here is what we have here is an isolated case. All emails I received pointed to the facts stated above. Not one person said anything derogatorily about homosexuals, which led me to the conclusion that this gent has a hidden problem.

With that said, I don’t believe we should stride casually on the treadmill of life, but  always assume an uphill battle in everything we do to achieve Christ-like qualities.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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