Away from God
Off the Wall, August 10
, 2012

Opinionated columns are just that, thoughts tied in with conclusions. I have written Off the Wall for some 11 years now, but I have pretty much stayed away from one subject – politics. Now, this is not to say that I am an expert on this subject nor am I going to make a habit of writing political slants as I see them. But today, I feel so led to express my thoughts on a subject that is troubling me right down to the core of my being.

It all began when I walked the streets of Latrobe and asked individuals what their thoughts on the HHS Mandate were. Nobody not only knew anything about it or cared. Ouch! Have we become a society of apathy whereby anything goes as long as “I’m allowed to live in my comfort zone?”

There were many with whom I talked that had no knowledge just what I was talking about. According to, “In January, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) issued a mandate under the Affordable Care Act (also known as ‘Obamacare’) that requires all employer health plans to provide free contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs, regardless of any moral or religious objections.

The ministries of institutions like Catholic schools, hospitals and charities – educating the young, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry – are not considered sufficiently religious to qualify for the Mandate’s narrow ‘religious exemption.’

Not only will such institutions be forced to provide services that directly contradict the teachings of their faith, but – more alarmingly – the federal government is claiming the right to decide for religious institutions what constitutes their ministry.”

Are you starting to get the picture? Christians, and other faiths as well, that teach values and morals, this is your time to act. Stand up and let your voice be heard. Otherwise, we may find ourselves in trouble – big trouble.

I have found few people who agree with me that voting for a person who stands for life and not killing babies should be priority. Has our society turned numb to the fact that it is positively all right to torture a live human being until he or she dies? Are we returning to the times of Hitler? Seems so.

It’s fact. When a person sins, he walks away from His Creator – God who is watching uncouth doctors kill fetuses. Killing live human beings is a sin. Even in the Ten Commandments it is written, “Thou Should Not Kill.”

God watches over us daily. I don’t care if you are Christian, Jew or another religion. God, your Creator, sees your every move. Once again, people are walking away from Him when they are having sex outside of marriage. And then when women find themselves pregnant, it is my opinion, they don’t think that the fortifications were wrong by any means of their imagination. The next move was to kill the living human being because the pregnancy was inconvenient. How sick is that?

The HHS Mandate will allow more abortions. On top of that, from what I have heard, a certain amount of money will be taken from our income to subsidize abortions. If you think that is fine, what can I say to change your mind? I don’t and can’t. If you want to call me a religious fanatic, do so. I am a warrior for God’s ways, which include love and life. I’m sorry, but the HHS does not follow my philosophy. Oh, one man did tell me “We need healthcare for everyone and I can’t be a one-issue person.” I’m sorry, my friend, but I promote what God promotes – life and I am behind Him all the way.

Just wonder for a moment if God didn’t care. “Go ahead and kill my children like flies on a window. It doesn’t matter. I know how much fun couples had creating them. That’s all that matters.” That’s the devil trying to convince people that immorality is perfectly fine, and the idea of “if it feels good, do it,” is what it’s all about. Sadly, this interpretation is wrong – sinful may be a better choice of words.

If your sensual gratification is more important than your future home away from home, heaven or hell, you may be sorry in the end. You may now say you don’t believe in these places, but the odds are against you. You can believe anything you want, but that does not make it false. Your spirit will carry on after you succumb to one of those two places. How you live here will determine where you end up.

Do you want to walk with God or away from Him? That is the question that must go through your mind daily. Our government has negated God’s importance all together. Have you?

- Paul J. Volkmann
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