Be Sorry
Off the Wall, Jan 30
, 2014

Often when people get up in age, they look for changes; some who can afford it will buy homes in the south when it gets too cold in our neck of the woods and farther north.

“Hey Bill, are you and Margaret Sothomer heading down to Florida in the latter part of October as you usually do each year?” Ollie Feder would often ask his neighbor. This was the time the weather would start to change from cool to cold. If they stayed too long into November, or longer, they would definitely be sorry for the coldness of the chill would definitely affect them from head to foot.

I heard tell of two residents of Indiana, PA, who had months ago headed for their Florida home where they were presently enjoying the sunshine and warmth of that southern state. There was nothing to be sorry about here. They had done some planning ahead and were glad they did.

While attending a recent doctor’s office recently, a doctor’s assistant told me her son had just moved to North Carolina and was going to school there. She has had to make the adjustment of him not living at home. “I know mom you’ll be sorry with me not being here every day to cook and do my laundry and such, but I have to move on and attend school down there. It’s for the best, he may have said. Mom knows that, but it will be an adjustment for both.

Dot Domino had a choice to stay in the church she was raised or switch to another that she liked much better for many untold reasons. One individual in particular told her “You’ll be sorry if you leave our church and switch to another.”

She thought that was an interesting comment. So she stated an untold reason hoping it would suffice as one of the real causes for the change. It didn’t faze the ease dropper.

Change can be good if one isn’t forced into making a quick decision.

At one time we put our house on the market because now I don’t have the store; I don’t need such a big building. There is a lot of truth to that. On the other hand, being physically challenged, I find it easier to get to all the places I need to go, for the exception of a few, by foot. Up the street is Shop n Save, down it is Total Service, the U.S. Post Office, and The Medicine Shop and down Irving Avenue is a place of recreation, Loyalhanna Creek. I’ve outgrown the sliding board and swing set!

My children used to tell us we should move closer to Pittsburgh where I could take a bus or walk to any place I needed to go for anything I needed, from doctors, food or recreation. But, others have told me I have it all here, and have more grass and not always asphalt to walk upon.

Looking at from the opposite angle, I think I would be sorry if I didn’t have the great outdoors to admire, fish in and smell the roses. Do you think that odor would come off of Stanwix Street or the Blvd. of the Allies? I don’t think so.

What people can’t fathom is that God put us all in one place as starters. He didn’t say we had to stay put in that one place forever. Maybe change is good. It may not be for everyone, but if people want to do it, I say let them.

When we become adults, we all seem to have arrived at our shoe size. This is rare, I think, but my wife and I have the same-sized shoe size. When she gets tired of her shoes, guess who gets them? You got it – me! And I love it that way. Since her father sold shoes as a profession, she is very knowledgeable as to what is the better shoe to tie on one’s foot. Who I, be sorry about this situation? Not me. I wouldn’t be sorry if my shoes were pink. As long as they fit properly, had a good inlay and supported me during my travels, I’m for them. I know, not everyone would feel this way.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if we keep our chins up knowing Our Creator is in control, then let go and let God. It’s really easy, but hard to do.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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