Dawn on You
Off the Wall, December 24,

Many years ago while at the Delaware beach where the my wife, son, daughter and I went on vacation, I recall upon walking the boardwalk one early morning watching a woman standing on the edge of water’s edge along the shoreline. She had her arms outstretched and resting on her head forming a triangle in appearance. Her one leg was pointed toward the rising sun while the other off into angler direction. One could not help but feel her intrigue with the morning scenery.

I can understand, for the very reason I rose early was to see if I could capture a photograph of the different colored rays.

Two things are for certain. People love to look at sunrise and sunsets. They will stop what they are doing and gaze at the picturesque settings until they rise above the waters or disappear below ground level.

When I think of the both the rising and the setting of the sun as gifts that God has given us to enjoy momentarily, keeping in our memory if just for a little while. These reflections of greatness should serve as His goodness in all situations.

But more than that, I often read into it as more than the eye can see.

Let’s for a minute take one letter out of both words, sunrise and sunset, and change the “u” to “o.” Now we have “Sonrise” and “Sonset.” I realize that neither of them are words in and of themselves, but consider the deep-seated acts that accompany each.

Let me ask you a question. Very soon, we will be celebrating Christmas. Isn’t this the time when Mary gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus Christ? Birth is actually a time of rising from a seed planted in the womb of a mother who or that gives birth to a newborn.

When we celebrate Christmas, we are rejoicing in the fact that God gave us a gift of the “light” of the world Who would walk among His creation here on earth telling and showing people of His Father’s love.

Before His birth, there was darkness, but like a sunrise, birth gave light, and before long, Christ would become known as the ‘light of the world.’

Think back when I described the woman looking toward the horizon. Do you think she knew the hour and where exacting the sun would rise? As I see it, her body language said it all. Looking out to sea, she had some inkling as to its proximity, but was plagued with uncertainty just when this peeking of certainty would take place.

Isn’t there some apprehensiveness as to when young are born? How many times has one heard, “We have it figured this way that…” I think the young lady’s walking through the granulars of sand to where she felt the water splash on her feet and her stance of hope was purely in evidence.

When our Lord was born on Christmas day, wasn’t He doing the same thing – bringing new hope to all of mankind? His light would come to symbolize “hope,” one facet of life that keep us all looking forward, not only here on earth but going beyond, arrived at the one place many of us are yearning to go, eternal life.

Without the Son’s rise to earthly life, we would have never known such stages as new horizons, light in all its fullness, everlasting love and that wonderful feeling of hope that replaces despair.

God made man so that he would relate to Him. When man wanders from the designated narrow path, he is actually walking away from his Creator developing a sinful nature. It’s easy to do if one does not keep his eyes pointed in the right direction. God realized He must re-orient his creation and sent His only beloved Son into the world to demonstrate God’s love and save mankind from damnation.

During adulthood, He would die upon a cross for our sins. I compare it to Him being our sunset or putting it another way, our “Sonset.” For following His coming to life and shining light worldwide, His Light, became momentarily diminished as He slowly and painfully died upon the cross. The sun, once full of colorful radiance, decreased its light until it had disappeared.

Our risen Son is alive today. Have you asked Christ to come into your life so His light can ‘dawn’ on you?

Let’s celebrate His birthday. Let us rejoice giving Him praises forever.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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