It's Deep
Off the Wall, October 19, 2017

Don’t get the idea that the title is going to throw you into conniptions and you won’t understand anything of which I write. That is anything but the truth. You’ll understand all of it, I’m sure. It will be my various thoughts on matters, I believe, that few people have ever given attention to. That’s why I referred to today’s column as deep.

So let’s start.

In my thirty minutes of meditation one evening, something hit me that caused my brain cells to stir. Why is it that when we talk to people we are taught to squarely, continuously look in their eyes? So we are looking at brown or blue circles with a black little dot in their middle.

Sometimes these eyes are bloodshot. Swell. The subject of speaking may be great, but having to stare at red capillaries going in all directions heading toward a colored circular object can be memorizing, at best.

Occasionally, there is a blink or the iris makes a quick west to east movement. And then it’s back to normal. All the time, someone or several individuals are talking and we have to look into someone’s eyes? Now does that really make sense?

Why not look at his, her or their noses instead. What’s the difference? The sound isn’t coming out of either of the two parts of the face so why not stare at the two black holes that are found in close proximity of each other. At least they won’t move or even blink, as far as that goes.

Why don’t we get down to the core of the matter. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to concentrate on the mouth? After all, that’s where the noise is coming from. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to insult anybody. I realize everyone is created with different sounds that they project. That in itself makes them unique.

What we really should be doing is lip reading. But, that is a stupid statement also if you ask me. There are no letters on a lip that we can decipher, so count that out. Instead, we must study lip structure and how they associate to the various sounds made by the speaker. If that said person speaks American (please don’t say English, because we live in North America, not England), basically we can start by analyzing lip movement that will set up a basis for understanding thought. I realize that won’t be easy, but it does make sense, at least to me.

Until one arrives at a final determination of said words according to movement, the boisterous noise that we hear everyday may be silenced and bits and pieces of silence may return.

I know that will never happen. But think of it this way. I’ll go back to the original question. Why do we look in people’s eyes when we speak to them or they, us? Who was the great psychiatrist or psychologist who started this movement?

Then one day, I heard someone somewhere make this statement – “After spending hours trying to get to the bottom of this problem, I finally put my finger on it!” You don’t say?

If you put your finger on it after spending such a long time trying to find the answers, why put one’s finger on it? If one does so, will he or she see it? Even if one puts his finger on part of this thing whatever it is, will the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth be revealed? How can it be? The fact of the finger covering ‘the thing’ can’t be actual because even though the truth was uncovered, it was recovered the moment the individual put his finger on it, and that was that!

Here are some thoughts on a slightly different level. Through my journey of the tourist community of Latrobe, I have met many individuals of all ages. So have others. But did you ever meet two families who don’t own televisions or won’t have TV’s in their house. WOW!

We have three- yes three – one in the living room, one in my bedroom and my wife has a TV in her bedroom. Could it ever enter my brain cells to do away with my device? I’ve given it a thought. But guess what? To me there are a few shows that I love to watch on both EWTN and one or two from Cornerstone Ministries.

Think down deep now. Could you eliminate TV? Now be honest…

- Paul J. Volkmann
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