Did, Do, Redo
Off the Wall, October 9,

Thinking back, there are many things we did in the past that, I’m sure, we would like to do over. Some of these instances may have taken us down a road whereby the harder we tried thinking it would only get better actually turned out to be worse.

Remember the times when we were children, we acted hastily, not thinking what would be the outcome of our actions? We may have snuck up to little Mary and shouted, “Boo” to scare the ‘the living tar out of her,’ a saying of ages past.

Or what about the time we stole a handful of chocolate chip cookies out of our neighbor’s cookie jar after we were offered just one when we thought no one was watching. Could that have been an act that was since regretted?

These are just two examples of the many things we all did, and yes, I also did a ton of things I surely wish I had never done. But then, one has to figure. We were all kids. Our actions reflected our ages.

As we have read in the Holy Scriptures, “When you grow up, you put away childish things.” In the same way, as we become more mature, we shed the old ways and learn new ones. Using a parable in this instance, think of a snake that bears a patterned skin for a duration of time. At a certain period, as it gets older, what happens? It slithers out of the old and takes on a new layer of cellular tissues. At one time its epidermis or top layer of skin was it primary protective covering, but since left it behind and is exhibiting its new layer.

We have all learned that our initial ways of doing things may have not been the best to achieve the goals for which we wanted to accomplish something. But again, as children, we only knew the very basics and had to go from there.

Since ‘did’ is in the past, our new practices fall under the category of ‘do.’ There is much to be accomplished now.

When we were growing up, many of us who attended Christian churches were taught a song that still flows from one cell to another in my memory bank, “Jesus loves me this I know, cause the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. I am weak, but He is strong. Yes Jesus loves me…” and it goes on from there

It is my opinion that we sang the song, more so, because we loved the melody, but never thought much about the wording. It is so prevalent today. The music we learned as youth became embedded within our membranes. Today, when we sing the hymns, many times the melody is remembered but the words escape us because we never took them to heart.

Let’s go back in time to the song, “Jesus Loves You.” Do you actually believe there is an alive person called Jesus or is He just someone Who is a figment of our imagination?” Is He someone you accept because your spouse believes and so you accompany him or her to church ‘because it looks good?’

How many times have I heard others state, “I know I’m supposed to believe, but…?” Why does that last word always slow people down from actually finding the truth?

When I was taught that if I wanted a need, Jesus was waiting for me to pray. I harbored that bit of knowledge for a length of time until one day I had a special need and decided to give it a go.
I ‘did’ as told and my prayer was answered. I’ll never forget it. That proved right there that Jesus wasn’t an idea, but someone Who was real.

One can ‘do’ today as I did then, discover Jesus.’ It really becomes an exciting journey. That’s why I share so much about my faith in my columns. Through my relationship with Him and the Holy Family, I, a stumbling, sinful human being, can find strength in the Almighty Who made heaven and earth and everything that is in it. Awesome…

Even though we can’t ever repay Jesus for dying on the cross for redemption of our sins, I believe the best way we can evangelize on His behalf is to do chartable acts displaying His love. By ‘redoing’ them, we just may stir up others enough that they may return to the churches they once attended.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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