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Off the Wall, June 27
, 2013

Soon after my column, “It’s obvious” was published including my Peeveeism “When one has thoughts, he thinking,” did I hear another saying, this one by Aristotle that I only wish I could have taken credit for – “What is in one’s heart to do is also in one’s heart not to do.”

Do you get the feeling that he and I may have become good buddies? After all, his saying and my Peeveeisms are similar, wouldn’t you say? Of course, no one will ever know. So be it…

Anyway, his statement leads into my subject at hand this week and that is why I shared it with you.

Shortly after “It’s obvious” appeared did I get an email from Pastor John Knopp, Jr., noting some “don’ts” that I think Aristotle may have found favor with. They are as follow: “Don’t do in front of children what you don’t want them to do;” “Don’t ask children to ‘go get me’ anything that you don’t want them to otherwise touch or use. I.e. Matches, cigarettes, knives, etc.;” “Don’t lie to children if you expect them to not lie to you;” “How will my Christian witness be affected by what I am about to do or say?”

All those statements have something lead each of us to think of one thing or another.

In a sense they tie in with what I have to talk about today. Our good pastor may have talked about the “don’ts,” but in so doing, he is promoting the “dos” in a round about way. That brings me to the subject at hand.

Donnie Doolittle was a chap who always talked a lot about his Christian life, but stood in the background hoping others would step up to the plate and do as he commanded. For instance, the Michigan resident could be heard stating, “More people in our church should be fired up and evangelize rather than sitting back and doing nothing.” Another favorite statement of his was, “You ought to watch some of those Protestant ministers on television. Boy are they on fire for God. Why can’t we do something like they do?”

But here is the clincher. Does he ever step up to the plate and do something close to his thoughts? Never. Not once. I can almost state, “Fat chance.” He has always been one to stand in the back, hand out his philosophies, but not get involved. Interesting.

Then there is Cher Lotts, a gal from Latrobe no less, who has the habit of stopping her car whenever she sees me and coming up and questioning me about certain incidents.

For example, one of the statements she has made repeatedly is “What are we going to do about the drug problem in this town,” to which I reply, “Very little.” I make that statement because there is only so much we as citizens can do. We can access Latrobe’s website at and fill out the complaint form in full. If you don’t have a computer, go to the city building and ask for an anonymous tip form. You don’t need to give your name. Just ask for the form. Then fill it out.

In my opinion and it is important to stress this, there are a lot of good youth in this town with outstanding records who have never done or will do anything wrong. The reason is, they were brought up with God in their lives. They know the biblical principles – those that are right and the evil opposites.

I go back to Aristotle who stated, “What’s in our heart to do is also in our heart not to do.” Without God as our Father, once evil is tasted, the void becomes filled with unclean desires. If sin is allowed to enter lives, it only invites more. A shield must be erected to prevent that which is bad from entering bodies. It may come 3with a price, but it will pay off.

Yes, Cher is right. Innocent children of all ages must be protected. But it really starts with the parents. If they are irresponsible, youth will seek acceptance anywhere. Left unattended without proper guidance, they may become suspect in the eyes of the authority.

I like the statement one organizational head told me recently. “Treat others like you would want to be treated.” I’m sure this isn’t a Peeveeism, so I’ll just state, “Do something to the plus.” I think everyone mentioned here would agree that we have to step it up a bit and be an icon in our communities. Let people see that we want a healthy environment by what is said and more important, how we act. Life is all about benefiting others. Doing something positive for them is loving God as well. Give that some thought.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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