A Follow-Up
Off the Wall, February 19,

I received an email from a friend not too long ago who shared some rather interesting information. Today, I thought I’d share it with you this column. It concerns the word “up” and its many usages. So without further ado, here they are. Of course, I thought I’d throw in some of my own contributions, as well.

“Hey man, waz up?” said Randy Belldingo to Todd Tulicks. His response – “Hey man waz up with you?” and that’s where the conversation stops.

Many of you may have heard this expression used or even used it yourself. Both subjects know what is meant, but neither goes on to really answer the question.

Why use the word “up?” Wouldn’t it be as easy to say “What’s poppin’?”or “What’s jumpin’?”
Can’t one just see people walking around looking toward the sky? When people ask me “What’s up?” I like to respond, “The Holy Spirit descending upon us!”

The correct definition of “up” is really “in or to a higher position.” What’s to follow doesn’t fit somehow.

“Wake up” you sleepy head, Martha said to Kevin. Could it be that this poor guy just had his nose tickled with a feather? Maybe upon opening his eyes, his wife lovingly made the opening statement.

At a recent get-together, the topic “came up” that the Indoor Vendors’ Market has moved to the American Legion, 1811 Ligonier St., Latrobe and will be held the first, second and fourth Tuesdays of every month ‘til May. From where did it come – through the floor boards, from a container of Maddy’s pastries or perhaps from the apparel on some of the tables?

And then there was an actor rehearsing for a play. The producer shouted to the bellhop, “Speak up a little louder, would you please? Maybe that expression comes from the fact that our vocal chords are located in our throat somewhere and we have to expel the words from the “inner sanctum?”

Recently, our governor was sworn into office after being “up” for election last year. I know without a shadow of a doubt, he had to step “up” on the podium and raise “up” his right hand. What happened after he was elected? Did he go back to sleep?

Last week, my daughter, Kelsey, called me “up” on the telephone and brightened “up” my day.
In as much as my phone is positioned down and inches and to the left of my ear, it only makes sense when I answer it I lift the receiver “up” to my ear and respond. I like to think that “up” is synonymous with “cheer up,” something I touched upon in a recent column.

“Hey Pee Vee, could you please write “up” a report why it’s so important to join the Latrobe Neighborhood Watch and make copies and circulate it to the people of Latrobe?” the president of the organization stated. I guess I’m going to have to sit down to do so! However, I used to stand “on all two’s” to use my computer, but found it took up too much space.

Last month, the wife and I ate at Chef Dato’s Restaurant. I was given so much I had to take some home and “warm up” the left-overs the next day. I can understand using a stove. The heat rises to warm the food. But not in a microwave. The heat descends to the foods, as I see it. Maybe someone can come up with conclusive evidence as procedure utilizing the “up” word.

If we didn’t have such a great police force in Latrobe, there would be a whole lot more people stirring “up” trouble. Our fine men and women help calm citizens’ adrenalin when things get out of hand.

“Hey Larry, I see you fixed up your car,” Walt said to his friend.

One thing that has always bugged me are people who don’t dress “up” for church. It’s crazy. Nobody put his shoes on first, so that bit of lingo doesn’t make sense. I prefer “spiffing-up” to worship the Lord, wearing less provocative clothing that is neat, clean and wrinkly.

A drain must be opened “up” because it is stopped “up.” We open “up” a store in the morning, but we close it “up at night.”

If you are “up” to it, try building “up” a list of the many ways “up” is used. It will take “up” a lot of your time, but if you don’t give “up,” you may wind “up” with a hundred or more.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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