Forget Maybes
Off the Wall, May 11 , 2017

I was talking to a gentleman recently about a particular project we had planned. After going through the possibilities of this and that, he stated, “Maybe I’ll have something next week.

Do you know what that fellow said to me? “Don’t plan on it.” I am one of those guys who likes to know certainty.

I recall when I was in high school, a classmate with whom I was ‘friends,’ asked me if I wanted to go fishing one Saturday morning. He stated, “Maybe I’ll pick you up at 10 a.m. What do you say?” “Sounds good to me, “ I said. So, I waited, and I waited, and I waited, and waited some more. No Richard. My enthusiasm waned as I was beginning to think he wasn’t going to show up. That ‘maybe’ turned into a no show. Boy, did he ruffle my feathers. Somehow, I never forgot that, as you can see.

How many times do we see the little woman in the house go to her closet and prepare to dress and state, “Now let me see. Maybe I’ll wear this. No, maybe I’ll wear something else. I know, maybe I’ll wear the orange and black blouse to go with my orange slacks. That way the colors will match.” Ever heard that before?

And girls, I’m not stereotyping females, so don’t get bent out of shape. Fishers do it all the time. “Maybe I’ll use this lure. No, I know this has caught fish before. This is a sure winner. On the other hand, maybe it’s good to try something new.”

Everybody has used the word, ‘maybe’ at one time or another. It’s another word for ‘indecisiveness.’

Even songwriters telling their story have used that five-letter word.

Take for instance Elvis Presley in his famous song, “Always on my Mind.” He starts out his first stanza, “Maybe I didn’t treat you Quite as good as I should have. Maybe I didn’t love you Quite a often as I could have…”

Another favorite, Maybe Baby by Buddy Holly begins, “Maybe baby I’ll have you. Maybe baby you’ll be true. Maybe Baby I’ll have you for me.”

And one of my all-time favorites goes like this. If you are up in years, do you remember who sang this song, “Maybe baby, I’ll have you. Maybe baby you’ll be true, Maybe baby, I’ll have you for me.” That was a Buddy Holly’s hit back in the 50’s, I believe.

And then there was one of my all time favorites, which commenced in this fashion, “
Maybe, if I pray every night, You’ll come back to me. Maybe if I cry every day, you’ll come back to stay, Oh maybe. Second verse, Maybe, if I hold your hand, I’ll be at your command And maybe, if I kissed your lips You’ll be at my command, Oh maybe…”

Still scratching your noodle? OK, I’ll tell you. It was the Chantels way back in 1958.

Pathetic, in my opinion. In each song there is written into that word, ‘maybe,’ but also a sense of desperation of hope, as well. The words ‘if only’ quickly come to mind.

There’s so much life these people could be living, but in a sense, they are stuck in a rut, kind of blind-sided in a very selfish manner.

Maybe (there is that word again) you know others or got stuck in the pothole of life where you tried to do everything you could to cling onto somebody who really didn’t want you for some reason or another.

Attitude plays heavily into all our lives. Concerning these lyricists, all have one thing in common. The words are self-centered, victims feel sorry for themselves, and hope exists that these individuals will come crawling back to those who cry every day and every night for nothing.

Just because one falls in love doesn’t mean it’s time to tie the knot, hasten to purchase an engagement ring so the partner won’t escape. It may have worked that way a long time ago, but we are living in a totally age. Move On! There are one thousand fish in the sea.

Whether it’s the ‘Maybe-men,’ and the fishers as in the first three stories, or the ‘lovers’ in the last three, each is built around the word ‘attitude.’ If people namby-pamby and can’t make up their minds, their personalities will reflect on others.

There’s really no substance to “maybe.” Affirm one’s case and it will work in one’s favor.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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