Off the Wall, January 4, 2018

I was sitting in my bedroom one early December morn, reading from several sources, and thinking about what I read by peering straight ahead and letting the cells in my noodle do their usual thing, collect pieces of this and that to form whole thoughts when something all of a sudden occurred to me.

There is a reason I have only eyes on the front of my head. Before I get to how I came to my conclusion, I don’t think if we had five eyes, one on each side including on top, we would not only look weird, but hard to wear glasses if need be. Then we would need to have ears all over the place and that really look bizarre, that is if we chose to wear spectacles and not contacts.

On the other hand, if everyone looked that way, no one would seem to be out of place because that would have been the way we all were made. Then those of today who only have two eyes on the front of their heads would certainly be the weird ones.

As I was saying, I was doing some reading one December morning and accumulating my facts, little by little, while all the time thinking while looking forward when one particular idea stood out above others. There’s a reason we don’t have eyes located any other place of our heads or bodies, as far as that goes. I think I’ll refrain from speaking about eyes in relationship to body parts.

We were designed to look forward, down or up, not to mention side to side. But the key word here is forward. Translated Peeveelistically, we are to recognize the now, rather than what happened in the past. We are to recall that certain things did happen in the times gone by, but we can’t dwell on them and make them reasons we can’t do certain things in the present.

We have to maintain a positive attitude how what’s been given to us now will play into how the future develops. Forget the “If onlys…” That’s looking back. But one can’t look back and forward at the same time.

At times in the past, I’ve been called “four-eyes,” because I wore glasses. That slang expression has been around for a long time. I imagine people still use it today. Both are located on the front of my head. It would do no good if I wore my glasses on the back of my head. Granted, they are used to improve vision, but only in combination with eyes only.

It goes without saying, all of us have some kind of past. Some persons have very pleasant memories of ages past, while others have stated their whole lives were damaged by how they were treated in their youth, for example.

But now is right in front of one. Now begins when we open our eyes upon awakening in the morning, look up at the ceiling, all around the room, and finally at floor where our slippers are found. We don’t think of the past when we wake, but more of what the future may bring.

Now moments are triggered by one cell touching base with another so as to state, “Hey, buddy, what do you think the next move will be?” Before one knows it, a committee of thoughts meets together and the next move is contemplated.

Is anyone looking back? No… That’s not to say there is some who wished that blankety-blank alarm clock didn’t sound off. I know what one is thinking. “Yes, it would have been nice to get ten more minutes of sleep…”

Every day we wake, rise and shine, we are confronted with a now moment. In other words, we have to do what the present requires regardless of the past.

Do yesterdays hold some very troubling times? For some, one can’t begin to state the ill effects of what happened in earlier years. We can’t feel their hurts. We can, however, help those who have experienced troubling times provide encouragement, patience and unconditional love so the now and the future contain elements of light with the darkness left behind.

Having two eyes in one place, the front of my head, as opposed to any other place, makes it immensely more functional to start at the present and work toward a happier future if one makes the choice to do so.

Positive activation of nows can lead to a remaking of a better tomorrows.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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