Fun Survey
Off The Wall, April 29, 2011

Every once in a while I get a brainstorm that turns into something that stirs people’s interest. My latest “Fun Survey” just happened to be one of them.

For those who may not be on my email list, I sent out a questionnaire asking interested parties to finish each of three words beginning with a number of letters. In this case, I chose “Trans…,” “Sal…,” and “Mag…” by roaming through my dictionary and randomly making my choices. That seemed easiest.

Following are some of the replies I received.

Samantha Damiana from Euclid, Ohio said, “Transfat – need to lose weight – so interested in this, as well as because of wanting to eat healthy.” Second, “Salvation – necessary to see JESUS and other loved ones in Heaven.” And third, “Magazine – have lots of them. Need to get rid of them.” The last two were a lot of people’s choices.

Sivester Daniela’s selections were “Trans-Atlantic,” “Salutations,” as well as you know – “magazines.” The first two dealt with the fact that her mom was traveling to Seattle. “It’s not across the ocean, but it’s what comes to mind when I thought of getting on an airplane. Interestingly, a number of people referred to “Salutations” because of the movie, Charlotte’s Web.

Dino Rubino, a Jersey Shore resident, must have been in cahoots with Sivester when he mentioned “Transcontinental.” His “Mag” word was “Magnum.” That was a pleasant change from “Magazine – don’t ask me why I said that.

Diele Paolo, Cincinnati, Ohio, chose the word “Transfer.” “This reminded me of moving from one place to another which I did a lot of when I was young.” His favorite teacher was named “Salender.” And, Maggie is her neighbor. Makes sense to me.

Sofia Efisio from Johnstown probably used this word when coming from Italy – “Translation.” “As you know, communication, or a failure to communicate is a favorite subject of mine.” “When I need answers (concerning other things), I can get them from the “Magisterium.”

Celeste Ofelio of New York City right away thought of “Trans-gender.” One of her other picks was “Magdelene.”

I’m sure if Susana Elio would have had any say as to her pick of creations, she would not have listed “Maggots.” I can only assume her husband must have chose that critter.

Carmen Martino, from Butler, MA, told me, when completing the word “magazine,” I got a letter from my airlines saying, since we haven’t been using our frequent flyer miles, I could get free magazines with them. I get my weight lifting done when I get the mail in, as it goes…”

Perla Fabrizio likes to eat “Salmon” while reading a – you guessed it – “Magazine.” This car nut thought of the word, “Transmission.”

Alberta Leontina, a Houston, TX native, strives for “Transformation” in both his spiritual and work life in order to make things better. In discussing Salvation,” he added, “What else could there be? His “Mag” word was “Magnificent.”

And even though we have had all those picks from here, there, and anywhere, there are always a few that readers look forward to hearing about – mine. OK, are you ready?

First, as a past professional photographer, I have to separate myself from the others by laying claim to "Transparency,” that old Kodachrome section of film.

Next – I know this is a little unusual, but consider the choice – “Saliva” – not anybody’s choice. And how about this one – the “Magna Carta?” Even though I am surely no history buff, the first word does start with those famous three letters.

Which brings me to the point of this whole story.

All one needs to be is in a certain frame of mind and any congregation of words will unfold.

For example, one area young lady’s first name begins with “Mag.” So, the first thing that popped into her mind was her name, Maggie, not “magazine,” “magnificent” or even, Lord forbid, “maggot.”

If one were to sit down and try to list all the words he could with the corresponding endings, I can only imagine, quite a list can be built. It does take a bit of an imagination. Some people have it, others don’t. I guess that’s when dictionaries come into play. But it is good for the mind to try to make as long a list as possible, just for the fun of it without using the book. One can even make a game of it.

Oh, by the way, there is one thing I haven’t told you. Since I have been out of the bait business, I do miss packing maggots. Had a good system going. Had it down to a science.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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