Go Get 'Em
Off the Wall, April 9,

During my hours of meditation prior to Easter, something jumped out in my mind which I never gave thought to before. It was the subject of the ‘world.’

Essentially, people who are categorized in this group are those who are not Christians. These persons wish to follow their own persuasion outside the circle of believers of the trinity. Their actions may include subscribing to pornography, adultery and fornication.

Individuals of the world may be law abiding citizens, such as your relatives, neighbors or friends who are living what they consider a good life, but feel they don’t need God. They are just as happy to proceed through their journey without Him.

In my opinion, I feel Christians tend to put themselves on a pedestal and look down on the ‘world.’ That just drives me crazy. Following are the reasons why.

What’s missing, as I see it, is the lack of efforts by Christians to go among people of the world and get the word to them that there is a God who loves them very much. By turning to Him, one need not flounder in society and do things that may be harmful to one’s person just to get attention for some type of a relationship with others. With loving kindness, we must inform inhabitants of the world that God is quick to forgive sins. Once they realize their path is one of darkness instead of light, there is hope they change course.

I was talking recently to Allen Steinvonein of Latrobe on the topic of going outside the circle of the body of Christ and sitting with people of the world just as Jesus sat with the sinners. I told him, “Our Lord calls us to do that.” With that he answered, “We Catholics have always been conservative and don’t go forward and do those types of acts.” I’m sure that’s not a Catholic thing. It happens in most persuasions.

Evangelization is key to bringing people of the world into the kingdom of God. Rather than snubbing our noses at them, we must take every risk to go among them, teaching all there is a much better way of life to be had.

Now, I have to state in no uncertain terms, I am not being judgmental. As I see it, first of all, these people may have started out in this way of living as taught by their parents, friends or experiences of life. Or it just may be that these members may have been church affiliated, but due to one reason or another, walked away from God because they were fed up with the dealings within certain denominations. They may have stated, “If this is a life living for God, I don’t want any part of it.” How about this one I’ve heard in the past. “You won’t find me going to Church there anymore. All priests are pedophiles.” Third, “No one is going to tell me how to run my life.”

So where do these people go. Some may join other churches. But here again, in my opinion, many will slip into the ways of the world, living a life as they see fit with no one setting guidelines for their actions or ways of life.

Again, I have to stress, evangelization is the only way we possibly will convert souls from living a life of uncertainties to that of fulfillment.

After doing a bit of research, I have concluded there are approximately over 11,000 so-called Christians within area communities. If each person would go among the world inviting people to join the the body of Christ, that would differently make a difference.

The bottom line is this. The world will always be the world. The question is, “Should we sit back comfortably and just go about our ways, fellowshipping within our communities, or go get ‘em and overstep our comfort zone, evangelizing as Christ has called us to do. Doing Christ’s work is the ‘living end.’ Right now the world, controlled by the devil, is living in darkness.

If we let the world apathetically go about their own ways, their philosophy of life can only be kneaded around life’s experiences. We can’t really hold them responsible for their actions, can we? But the ones who are guilty are us, we who call ourselves Christians. I’m sorry to say, we are the ones who are at fault for not evangelizing ardently.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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