Go Together
Off the Wall, February 12,

When we hear of the words, “go together,” we normally think of two things, food favorites or  people who are fatefully drawn to another. It’s almost as if God intended the union of the two entities to be partners from the origin of each.

Think of a bat, and immediately a ball comes to this writer’s mind. One may even associate pork and bean as being two foods that were meant to be with each other. And mentions the name, Adam, and his counterpart, Eve, will certainly be paired with him. After all, those are two biblical standouts that are rarely mentioned separately.

Keeping the latter in mind, then, as we near St. Valentine’s Day, there is that togetherness that calls for a meeting of the minds that, if perfected to a certain degree, may result in binding relationships of human beings. To say all automatically are entwined in love is false, for many are infatuations, instead. Nevertheless, with every bond, there is that self-understood desire to please the other person. No more does the self yearn to please its own body, but now there is that innermost desire to make the partner as happy as can be.

Thus, the stating of “I do” refers to selfless giving. Each commits to a binding association of one to another that exists in a “go-together” relationship. At first, this coming together of minds may appear to be casual in nature. As the partnering grows and maturity sets in, only then does one realize the depth of its growth.

If one can understand this principle, then seeking out the origin of the emotion of love and why it overcomes lovers when “Cupid shoots individuals with his arrows,” all should fall into place quite easily.

From a Christian prospective, we know, God is the originator of love. Unless we understand this, we have no real foundation in our faith. Mentioning two pairings in three different categories earlier, here we have a fourth, and may I state, the most important of them all. When one mentions the name “God,” His name is synonymous with love.

So when one enters into a relationship with God, as we as Christians are all called to do, then we are not only seeking to be One with the Almighty, but share in His love that He has for all of us. There is no way the human mind can ever fathom how great that statement really is. The person who created this whole universe and everything in it wants each one of us to enter into an act of being close to Him.

In this desired commitment of Him to us, as is in every relationship, we as followers can’t say, “Yes, Lord, I believe in you, and then walk down any road, doing anything we desire whether it’s His way or not. That egotistic approach to life eliminates the relative equation.

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the third person of the Trinity, died on the cross for our sinfulness. He has done more for us than we can ever do to repay Him. In sacrificing His life, He proved His love for us. It’s our turn now.  If we are to form a stronger relationship with Him, we must cater to His wishes.

His requests were few, compared to the mercies He has granted us. “If you love me,” He said, “follow my commandments. If there were 2,094, that may be an impossibility. Just as hard, 294. But Ten Commandments? Why do so-called Christians have such a hard time with such a few number?

May they be listed in ordet:

  • I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no strange gods before Me;
  • Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain;
  • Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day;
  • Honor thy father and thy mother;
  • Thou shalt not kill;
  • Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  • Thou shalt not steal;
  • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor;
  • Thou shalt not covert thy neighbor’s wife;
  • Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s thy neighbor’s goods.

Each persuasion of the Christian communities may word the Ten Commandments a bit differently, but all sum up Christ’s request, do as He asks

If we are to enter into a loving relationship with Him, we are all called to sacrifice. We must try to please Him.

Just as we have come together to form a relationship to others, must we be cognizant of God who loved us first.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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