Had to Decide
Off the Wall, November
02, 2012

As I stood at my computer trying to decide just what to write about for this date, a number of ideas came to mind. Since today is All Saints’ Day in the Roman Catholic Church followed by All Souls’ Day tomorrow, maybe I should concentrate on these two traditional religious days of celebration. After all, All Saints’ Day is not only a big deal in the Church, but a time people of all ages dress up, trick or treat, and even hold parties. It’s one of the many days of the year retailers seem to cash in on selling clothing, masks and decorations to be put anywhere, the latter, in homes and attached to windows.

I find it interesting that the atheists have not tried to eliminate this religious holiday, but practice celebrating it, in their own kind of way, of course.

But something struck me. The more I thought about saints in general, I recalled them as Christian warriors who stood up for God even unto death. They knew He existed, fought to keep His Word, and even died on His behalf, some tortured to death.

Now, I realize that not anyone can become a saint, but those whom are canonized by the ministerium of the Vatican.

Often, we have heard of people referred to as saints that don’t have anything to do with the Church. Parents or older individuals will often speak of their grandchildren as “little saints.” Maybe you have made reference to children already using this terminology.

What I’m going to do today is, maybe, coin my own interpretation and apply it to the upcoming election.

It’s a known fact. The majority of the time, I will not dabble or even go near politics. I never intended this column to be politically oriented nor will I plan to change over to talking about various issues in the future other than the one I am going to discuss today. I feel there is a very strong tie between this special day and one subject at hand. That, my friends, is the abortion issue.

As a Christian, I believe it is my duty to stand up and honor God’s Word. If the Ten Commandments states, “Thou Shall Not Kill,” it was carved in stone for a reason. Those who uphold this law as sent down by God for man to follow are, in my book, earthly saints. These are people who will stand up to the pro-abortion, pro-choice and Planned Parenthood advocates and tell them “No, no more abortion.”

I can’t understand Christians’ mentality whereby they think it is perfectly all right to tear a baby apart in or coming out of the womb of a mother in order to kill it. We are living in a civil society, folks. A good many of us were born in the US of A where decency spelled out “life,” not the black hole of death. When I heard and saw a baby being born and then taken to the next room and put on a table to die, what is going on in this country, anyway?

If God spoke to the saints of yesteryear and told them to stand up against this torturous type of killing, all of them would have stepped in and done what they could to prevent it, I’m sure. Studying each of their lives is full of education, to say the least, and proves true faithfulness as any saint should have. As a result, that true commitment led to their canonization. And today, he is tell His creation to do the same, stand up for my values and not those of Satan’s.

That should speak volumes for all of us churchgoers, whether Catholic or Protestant.
We have an obligation to be saints of a kind while here on earth. We must stand up for God and His Word if it means being harassed, belittled or not part of fad-driven society groups that live insecurely under society’s driven Nomads who think their way is the only way. Not so fast. If we, the chosen earthly saints who have given our lives over to God, realize who is in control to the fullest extent, then we must stand and not be persuaded by new thinking that really isn’t a part of Christianity from its origin to its present date.

Since most of you have computers and access to the Internet, even if you are not Catholic, Google a saint. You don’t have to share your investigation with anyone if you so desire. For example, the following may be starters: St. Peter, the Apostle, Saint Mark, and St. Ignatius of Antioch. These four people didn’t budge, standing up for God’s Word their entire life. May I suggest, if you truly call yourself Christians, to do the right thing. Vote for the candidate who’s pro-life. God wills it, you know…

- Paul J. Volkmann
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