Half The Fun
Off The Wall, May 6, 2011

Think about this. Whatever you do in life, wherever you go, and when it occurs, there’s that something inside of you that is telling you, “Hey, this is going to be fun.” Whether it turns out that way or not is a whole ‘nother subject.

For example, somewhere in the distant past, Bernie Witsnipps and his wife, Birdie, went to what he anticipated to be a short trip to the mall. What he considered half the fun was that he would be going to a place that he had not visited for some time. Bernie was looking forward to seeing the changes that may have been made since his last visit. Did it turn out to be fun? Yes and no. Yes, he saw that one or two new stores were added. The short visit turned into a lengthy stay, the negative part of the equation.

A number of years ago my son took me to a Steeler game. He had gotten tickets through work. I was tickled pink, as the saying goes. Half the fun of going was getting ready for it. I started to imagine that we would have great seats, a good view down on the field and that we would be cheering on a win for our town’s team. When we got there, I found that we had fairly good seats in the end zone, but even though I bought warm socks, my feet froze anyway, and I sat next to a beer guzzler who enjoyed the game his way which wasn’t exactly my way. But all in all, it was an experience. Would I do it again. Sure, if I could do so with my son. Those are the moments that count in life.

I know, many a time, the wheels in my brain are really turning when my friend, Steve Gordon, calls and invites me to go fishing from his boat. Those wheels in my brain are turning 1000 miles an hour and I quickly try to gather all the stuff I need to take along. Half the fun is knowing I am going to be with a friend for a number of hours doing what we enjoy doing in our spare time – fish. Is it so important that we catch anything? No. It’s being together that counts - conversation, joking around and sharing stories.

Believe it or not, I like things in order. Half the fun is thinking everything is going to be where it ought to be. Making time to straighten up is a whole ‘nother story. Sometimes in the evening, when I’m too tired to do anything else, I’ll take a stab at it. A little bit here and there is better than no time at all.

That brings me to the subject of housework. I always hear people saying how much they hate it. Half the fun here is knowing that, when I feel like doing it, I can have a jolly good time making the house look “spic and span,” a term my mother used to use. When I’m in the mood, let me loose and I’ll have a pleasurable time doing it.

And food shopping – I love it! Half the fun of walking to Shop n Save is knowing somewhere I may find just what I’m looking for as far as nourishment and delight in eating it. When I’m there, that feeling leaves me. My brain goes into second gear, and the memory mode takes over. Since I visit often I only buy about one-half dozen items. Third gear is the least exciting – parting with my funds to pay for the items. And fourth gear is my least favorite – toting them home.

Oh, but I have so many other times I incorporate the process of using my fun outlook. Half the fun of buying the food is knowing that it will be used for one of three meals. And I definitely savor the flavor of each recipe I concoct.

Again, half the fun of going for a walk, whether it be to joke with Al down at the post office, sing to the ladies at the Medicine Shop or stopping by at Total Service to say howdy to Aunt Nancy, is that it’s so wonderful to come back to my own house with which God has blessed me, knowing I am protected from the elements and kept warm.

Half the fun of retiring in the evening is knowing that my bed will be comfortable, that I can rest my head on a pillow, and that layers of warm covers will keep me warm.

But overall, nothing compares to looking all around me, realizing that nothing could have been possible if it had been for God who created this earth and everything upon it. As I look at cars, houses and roads outside my bedroom window, everything I see is a by-product of something God made.

Half the fun is knowing that God is part of the Trinity, three persons in One, the other two being Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, how great is that? And we can turn to them for favors, guidance and forgiveness. We can relate to a person who loves us unconditionally, and He is there for us 24/7. Knowing that this is true reality is not just half the fun, but a total perception of life’s meaning and how beautiful our walk can be if we subscribe to God’s Word.

Half the fun of using our brain is doing so obediently. May we worship and praise Him.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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