Have Value
Off The Wall - Apr. 23, 2009

Back in December, several people in my email address book were presented the question, “Why do we as human beings have value?” The response was fantastic. I can only conclude that I hit upon a subject about which people wished to share their thoughts.

The reason I put out this survey was two-fold. First, I had just finished listening to a compact disc by John Martignoni on the subject. Second, I wondered how many readers would be able to pinpoint the answer in less than five words.

Here are some of the answers I received. Some favorite replies were, “We are children of God,” “We were all created by God,” and we were created by infinite wisdom.”

I heard from people who gave rather lengthy emails. Quoting two responses, “When we value our souls we go to church, follow the commandments, pray, meditate, and thank God for all we have. If we didn’t have values, we would have nothing, because nothing would be important to us.” Another wrote, “All of us have value…if we could just believe this, think what a wonderful world this would be…then there would not be those who feel they have to rob others to get money and think that they have value, or take drugs or alcohol to feel like they have value…”

But a Greensburg resident came closest to the answer I was seeking when she remarked, “God values each and every one of us.” Three words – He loves us. One can speak worthy of something or someone to any extent of value, but love carries His feelings to a far greater degree. According to Martignoni, “God gives us value because of His love for us.” So, in essence, we establish our morals in line with His commands.

Here’s a question that has somewhat plagued my mind. Can a person who doesn’t believe in God still have morals? I have concluded that people who considered themselves atheists may consider themselves to be good people, but by going against God’s Word, they are actually setting up their own standards according to how they choose to live. Of consequence, they can say they have morals, but on what basis? They can’t base their judgments on rules in the scriptures if they don’t adhere to the teachings of the writers. So, what do they do – pick what they want to use and ignore the others.

We are living in a society today whereby there are many who have cast aside God’s love for one’s own pleasure. Women are having their babies aborted to preserve the lifestyle of the mother. If they valued God’s love, they would not commit this immorality.

It becomes imperative to realize that His all embracing feeling began when we were conceived, when the sperm of the father and egg of the mother became one in the mother’s womb. He loved us before we were born and maintains that love for us today.

And even though atheists may not believe in God, He still loves them – a thought to ponder.

So, do we as human beings have value because we are employed, maybe a CEO? Or do we diminish that value when we loose our jobs or get demoted. Is our worth increased by living on the hill or above the tracks, so to speak? Are we looked down upon if our homes aren’t in the best of shape? Are we better thought of if we drive a Mercedes Benz as compared to a Toyota? Are those whom are drug addicts or homeless less important than the folks who live lavishly and belong to country clubs? Value can not be placed on things or positions of this world. They are meaningless. We must reciprocate our Creator. It beats me why anybody would ever want to rebel against unconditional love.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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